Top 5 reasons why Xbox killed it in 2011

2011 has been a great year for Xbox, here's five reasons why the console has remained a highly competitive piece of kit.

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ShadesMoolah3156d ago

A great year for xbox but I do wonder what's
left for 2012.

RaidensRising3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

A new console announcement maybe?

Xbox is about games and 2012 has some killer titles on the way. Microsoft are also releasing more dash features in 2012 like iPlayer.

paddystan3156d ago

Doubt it is a new console when Xbox 360 still sell good and Kinect. Only thing I know by the rumors is that there will be an Kinect 2 integrated in the next Xbox (codenamed Loop).

Areeb113156d ago

let's face it... Call of Duty is probably legitimately the only reason the Xbox "killed it".

EVILDEAD3603156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

This is my take on the 360's year

1. The Kinect effect..June 2010 after E3 presentation Kinect is pronounced DOA by the video game 'analysts'. By January 2011.Kinect Broke guiness record in 60 days with 10 Milli sold..

2. The Kinect multi-campaign WASNT just for Kinect. It rebranded the entire console. The results..record hardware sales 6 years DEEP into the console generation.

3. It definately was all roses during the 360 lifetime, but directly compare Micrsoft's Quarterly Financial reports in 2011 vs. Nintendo and Sony..and it's clear that Micrsoft and the 360 have turned the corner in a positive way vs. the competition.

Software. Since November of last year, all you heard was how the 360 was going to get crushed because it didn't have the amount of exclusives that Sony forward to Chrismas 2011 and the 360 is still standing. Why?

1. Sony had the most exclusives, but if you go mnonth to month game for game for releases on all platforms, Sony had only 3 seperate months to capatalize on those exclusives. In the end, the impact from those months did not garner the effect that those games could have. As a result, the 360 remained unscathed.

(IMO..Sony release date team is the WORST of ANY gen..In the last 2 years straight Sony has NOT put these games in a position to succeed. 3 of my favorite releases this year were on the 360..and Sony left them to die)

2. Micrsoft had some key success on the software front.

a. Gears of War 3 as predicted was the highest selling exclusive of 2011.

b. Forza 4 continued the tradition of making that franchise the highest rated racer this gen. Just like Killzone will never sell like Halo, Forza will never come close to selling like the grandaddy of sim racing Gran Turismo. But, critically this gen..Turn 10 and Micrsoft have alot to be proud of.

c. Kinect's two key franchises Kinect Sports and Dance Central are both on the way to selling way a million plus by the end of the holidays.

d. Kinect encroached on Wii territory. the Wii's software sales relavance comes down to Just Dance. (the last one is 8 million plus lifetime) This year Just dance 3 is 4 million plus, but the shocker is Just Dance is already at a million plus for Kinect. (Move is at 150K). What it shows is even with a fraction of the install base of the Wii, Kinect has become serios competition only one year later in the motion control space.

3. The biggest selling franchise on BOTH the Xbox 360 and the PS3 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Xbox has definately benefitted the most in regards to this franchise literally pushing hardware units for the 360.

4. The Dashboard can easily be considered a success. The addition of content for Live users is simply amazing with more on the way. Youtube is obviously the best of the content, but, MSNBC, I Heart Radio, and the upcoming HBO GO are all worthy of praise.

This is definately not a knock on the successes of Sony and Nintendo this year, the article was simply about the successes of the 360 this year.

Feel free to counter the points gave his opinion of the year..I simply gave mine

Merry Christmas to the real gamers out here supports the games of whatever system you own


NukaCola3156d ago

The Xbox didn't really shine this year. Multiplat's shined and Kinect sold a ton. MS had some good deals and sold a lot of systems. But when it comes to what MS actually did in terms of their first party titles, it was pretty weak. PS3 had a strong line up this year, but most of the titles didn't sell well in the first half of the year. Actually this first half was really great all around but only a couple titles like Portal 2 and LA Noire really got any foot hold. I would say it was a decent year overall collectively.

This really shouldnt turn into a fight. By the way I am enjoying Skyrim on PS3 right now and it isn't as brokebn as people say. Also Skywar Sword is pretty solid and it's controls are great, but the intro is SLLLOOOOWWWWW...

nix3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

EvilDead360 used to make shorter comments then he took an arrow in the knee.

having said that... hahahaha... to the article.

Merry Christmas Folks!

SoapShoes3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

@Evildead - I'll just ignore your fanboyish bs and focus on this point...

Gears 3 shipped 3 million in two weeks. Ok that's not bad, very good! Highest selling exclusive? No. Uncharted 3 shipped 3.8 million in one day. Don't tell me one is shipped while Gears is sold because they both came from the developer so they are both shipped numbers.

EVILDEAD3603155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

'@Evildead - I'll just ignore your fanboyish bs and focus on this point...

Gears 3 shipped 3 million in two weeks. Ok that's not bad, very good! Highest selling exclusive? No. Uncharted 3 shipped 3.8 million in one day. Don't tell me one is shipped while Gears is sold because they both came from the developer so they are both shipped numbers.'

@ Estranged

The ONLY fanboyish BS came from YOU and your response to the TRUTH.

So let me reiterate the TRUTH since your numbers are innacurate.

I'll break it down to you as simple as I possibly can

SHIPPED numbers are the numbers sold to retailers BEFORE one single person actually purchases 1 copy of the game. (These numbers usually are released via the publisher or developer itself)

SOLD numbers are the numbers reported from retailers of the actual sales from the consumer actually spending their hard earned money to purchase the game. (These number come from NPD, Media Create, etc)

Shipped numbers are always going to be more than Sold through consumer numbers (ie. Battlefield 3 shipped 10 million copies of the game but sales are at 7 million)

So back to Gears of War 3..

Epic/Microsoft NEVER reported the SHIPPED numbers of Gears of War 3.

AFTER the game was released, Gears of War 3 reportedly sold 3 million copies in one week. (beating all previous titles of the series)

Sep NPD alone reported Gears SOLD 2 million copies in the 10 days it was on the charts.

The game is well on the way to selling close to 5 million by the end of this month..making it the'highest selling exclusive of 2011'

Uncharted 3 reportedly SHIPPED 3.8 million copies into stores before one consumer purchased it.

When NPD was released the game sold 700K with a full 30 days on the chart.

It is safe to say that Uncharted 3 did not sell 3.1 million in ONE DAY around the rest of the world. Which is what your trying to elude to.

But, let's pretend it did for the sake of conversation. If Gears of War SOLD 3 million in one week isnt it safe to say that it SHIPPED more than 3.8 million copies to retailers?

This is NOT fiction or fanboyism these are simply the true numbers. Whether you like them or not.

If I am incorrect, feel free to prove me wrong. I don't even have to stoop to calling you names or going for cheap insults this christmas. I see alot of phantom disagrees but nobody is countering with any REAL points.

It is what it is..people lie the numbers don't


Dee_913155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

lol killed what ?
Whats the point of talking about a specific console then brag about multiplats?

They sold well congrats to them but as a gamer I could give a crap all I care about are the games.

And last time I checked going casual isnt a good thing.

@ evil
yea your right people lie numbers dont.
Links to back up your claims would be nice.
But I find it funny you give epic the benefit of the doubt and say that when they sold they mean sold to customers and not retail .. or shipped.which would be technically impossible.
Im not denying that gears are a more popular game than uncharted.
But then you go on and say the game is on its way to selling 5million units and possibly being the best selling exclusive then finish off your wall of text by saying these arent fictional or fanboyish these are real numbers.
Do you not see the irony of that ? lol

Diver3155d ago

merry christmas to the real gamers? do you even read what you write? you write walls of text that glorify microsoft and damn sony. both do good things and bad but not in your book. ms is perfect and sony fails. that isnt being a real gamer. i give you an a for sarcasm tho.

Why o why3155d ago

Evil 360... Lmao

Casual is not my main squeeze so up until about september i didnt need a 360 at all. How can that kill anything except somebody with laughter.

Gamers that DONT want more games is a sad sad thing. If you think kinect has somehow brainwashed others into wanting more casual games announced than core then you're a bit naive. Support for kinect is nothing to be scoffed at but If my wife puts 90% of her energy into our newborn child id honestly be a little peeved because i still have needs and wants (core games) that existed prior to the new baby (kinect)

WetN00dle693155d ago


Thats great but guess what?
Skyrim beat the living SHITE out of those two!And its not even an exclusive title!

SilentNegotiator3155d ago


Dance Central: Aprox. 3 million sold
Kinect Sports: Aprox. 3 million sold

Dance Central 2: Aprox. 1 million sold
Season Two: Aprox. 1 million sold

Sure, Kinect hardware might be flying, but why aren't software sales keeping up? These are the sequels to Kinect's BEST (bar the pack-in, "Kinect Adventures") selling software titles.


2 exclusives. Whoop de doo. But another certain console had a LOT more. And yell all you want that you don't like the exclusives offered, but 99% will find something among ps3's massive array of exclusive offerings. And then....they will enjoy those games PLUS multiplats! GASP!

Oh, and since you like sales so much....ps3 is still at a higher YTD sales number than the 360 (as of post-Black Friday, anyhow. The ps3 was at about 0.8M ahead in October. The only way the 360 could have boosted ahead of the ps3's numbers would be if it had sold less than 200K the entire month, WW. Yeah right).

If pulling in sales just behind the ps3 in 2011, releasing 2 mentionable exclusives, and selling lots of Kinect (HARDWARE) means they "killed it" this year.....then I'd hate to know what a certain other console did this year. Assimilate it? Vaporize it? Destroy its molecular structure? Kill it, resurrect it, and kill it once more?

As a gamer, not a sales chart connoisseur, the Xbox certainly did not "kill it" this year.

yadoneson3155d ago

@EVILDEAD360 Im not sure why you were downvoted to hell for this. You pretty much spoke the truth.

EVILDEAD3603155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I own all 3 consoles. But, let's face it on THIS site if you speak positively about the 360 in anyway you are going to draw out negativity.

The article simply expressed that the 360 had a great year. I commented on the reasons I felt they had a great year as well.

This is the simple truth when you log off the internet..The 360's success has no affect on Sony's success and vice versa.

With that said Sony exclusives have no affect on 360 exclusives.

The biggest fallacy on this site is to pretend that because micrsoft didn't have nearlyy as many exclusives ithis year as they have in the past that somehow hardcore 360 gamers sat twiddling their thumbs for an entire year.

So let's show what 360 gamers played if they didn't own any other console.

(*note: this isn't every game for the PS3 or the 360..just the notables)

One year ago the 360 went into the holidays with Halo Reach, Fable 3, and the Kinect launch..coupled with Assassins Creed: Bro and of course Black Ops ruled the earth.

Jan: Dead Space 2 Sony: Mass Effect 2, DC online, Little Big planet 2 (pushed back from 2010)

Feb: Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Bulletstorm (used to promote Gears 3) Sony: Killzone 3

Mar: Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2,Homefront, Shift 2, MLB 2K12, Tiger Woods: Masters, Torchlight (cnsle ex) Sony: MLB the Show, Yakuza 4

Apr: Portal 2, Motral Kombat Sony: Motostorm: Apocolypse

May: LA Noire, Fear 3, Dirt 3

June: Child of Eden, Duke Nukem, Shadow of the Damned, Transformer:Dark, Trenched Sony: Infamous 2

July: Bastion , Catherine

Aug: Deus Ex, Madden 12, Driver: San Fran

Sep: Gears of War 3, Dead Island, Resident Evil HD Sony: Resistance 3, Ico-Shadow, God of War:Origins, Splinter Cell rilogy

Oct: Forza 4, Batman: Asylum City,Battlefield 3, Rage, Dark Souls, NBA 2K12 Sony: Ratchet and Clank: All for one

Nov: Call of Duty: MW3, Skyrim (GOTY), Halo Anniversary, Assasins Creed, Saints Row: The third, Metal Gear Sold HD collection Sony: Uncharted 3

This was the layout without Kinect. IMO is was a great year for gamers period. But, also my point is if the 360 has thrived without PS3 franchises like Uncharted, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Yakuza, Motostorm, MLB: The Show etc... Why was it so imperative for the 360 to need them in 2011?

I love UC3, Killzone 3, and SOTC..especially on my Sony 3DTV. But, everyone doesnt both consoles nor do they care to? Why can't they enjoy games and franchises on their perspective consoles without this divisive and silly console war hate?

Just a question..

When I say I salute the REAL gamers, I mean the one who support this hobby to the fullest no matter what system they own. Not the ones who spend every day in console bash mode for systems they don't or never will own.

@ Silent negotiator

DC and Kinect sports had great holidays and continued to sell throught the entire year (including this holiday) They are at a million BEFORE the end of the year..wait till the numbers come in. Do you REALLY want to pretend that every exclusive on the PS3 sold the same or higher that their previous iteration? Compare those game sales to their Move and Wii counterparts? Look at the sales of those games next year and I bet they are both close or higher than this years numbers.

And as for WW numbers..let's call it now..without Japan Sony definately looks to win in 2011. But that does NOT mean the 360 didn't have a 'killer' year.

Merry Xmas to all my fellow N4Gers


Dee_913155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

On his original comment
When Evil says xbox was killing it in 2011 he dont mean it did the best in 2011.
I thought and iim assuming alot of people thought because of the disagrees and crap that he and the article was saying that xbox Killed 2011 as in it did the best.

With that said I wouldnt be suprised if another artcile about ps3 saying the same thing lol

da_2pacalypse3155d ago

nope, 1 reason only: Anonymous

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Euthanasia783155d ago

Idk, but I know one thing. After waiting about 12 hours in the rain for the first 360, I'm going to make sure I preorder whatever I can. I'm such a gaming fanboy, I have to own all the systems and a gaming comp. I absolutely love it. Bring it on.

kikizoo3155d ago

[email protected] and all the delusional brainwashed boyz, total denial is the way to go guys..

really ? after 2009, 2010, 2011, they can do that again ? LOL

StraightPath3155d ago

Evildead360 absolutely destroying ps3 users comments ripping them apart

milohighclub3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Lol, I love how out of 5 reasons only one matters for the general core gamer. When are people gonna wake up and realize that Microsoft are going casual, xbox 360 = Wii hd .

JaredH3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I'd describe Microsoft's year as a good business year for them with the casual market and NA sales but a disappointing year for the more hard core with only a few exclusives.

I'm happy anyway since I have a ps3 and 360 but the success with the casual market is making them stray away from the core market they once sought which is worrying.

showtimefolks3155d ago

for me personally it was a good year with xbox.

gears 3
forza 4

I am really waiting for witcher 2 next year.

It was a decent year but could have been better but i also realize it could have been a lot worst

ps3/xbox360 combined ultimate win. I don't like motion controls so no wii for me.

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paddystan3156d ago

I have both Wii, X360 and PS3 and in my opinion, Xbox had a really bad year this year. I only bought Forza 4 and Gears 3 which was Xbox exclusives and Batman: AC which was a thirdpartygame on Xbox. Only thing I know Im going to buy for my Xbox in 2012 is Halo 4 and probably X-COM. Nothing else. Wish Microsoft had just as many quality exclusives as Sony for both this year and 2012. When it comes to PS3 exclusives I bought inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 and ICO & Shadow of the Colosuss HD Collection.

Don't start a flame war, people, this is my opinion.

KMCROC543156d ago

see your point, but look at it from MS point investe tons of cash into buying a delveloper + plus cost of making said game & plublisher fee ,labor cost,
Now factor in games sales 250,000 units not a big return when math is done & everyone is paid & thats if you have enough to pay them. now tack on the cost of having to do it again when you don't break even the first time. Now using MS method they save all that cash & only invest barley a fraction of the cost if any.which way method would you choose if you were MS or any other company.

Undeadwolfy3156d ago

And then look at the $500,000,000 or so marketing they did just for Kinect and facepalm for an eternity.

coryok3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

if sony, a hardware company, can set up software studios to develop games, microsoft, a software company, can do it too.

fuck microsofts perspective, sure, its important for companies to make money, but come on, there are competitors out there who have devoted money to making a huge library of fantastic games, support the platforms that support you. microsoft isnt giving you any games, theyre just taking them away from other platforms. sony and nintendo both give games, microsoft seems to be the only loss for gamers.

im not sure how they managed to get people to defend them for not making games, i mean thats their job, they need to make games.

i guess marketing really does work for them, instead of making games they just spend their money advertising to you so that you'll buy their product, seems to work for them. they dont even make games but people still buy their stuff so... somethings working for them, just not gamers

SoapShoes3155d ago

Funny how people's tune has changed. It used to be the PS3 had no exclusives and wasn't worth buying, now it's exclusives don't matter and some reason the 360 is satisfying their needs for doing nothing more than the competition.

SilentNegotiator3155d ago

"if sony, a hardware company, can set up software studios to develop games, microsoft, a software company, can do it too"

A software company setting up software studios??


That was my mind being blown!

lol, too true, man.

GrandTheftZamboni3155d ago

"Home of the multi-platform.Forget exclusives..."


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ProjectVulcan3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Least amount of time time spent on my 360 since launch year. Forza 4 was the only 360 title i spent more than a few hours on the entire past 12 months- it was indeed the year of the multi plat and i spent all my time on the PC versions of those, it was kickass. I hardly bought anything for 360 thanks to my PC and PS3. At some points i have considered getting shot of it while it still has some value in time for the inevitable next generation machines.

PS3 did better in the number of exclusives that i bought, but after seeing the lineups end of last year for this year i spent the cash on my PC hardware and it paid off big time in 2011- not least because i saved a fortune on games and easily paid for itself.

ShaunCameron3155d ago

Same here. I own all 3 consoles. I say that the Wii had it worse. Skyward Sword aside, what other notable Wii games came out in 2011?

Why o why3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

no no no fantomena

Those games dont sells like kinect games so 'numbers dont liez'

Trust me its gone from annoying to being comical how the die hards defend the company that according to them 'makes more' moola yet gives so little in terms of doing what they're meant to do and thats provide their customers with experiences the others cant. With all of these great sales you'd kinda think MS's studio count and exclusive ips would be growing yoy NOT shrinking but like a commenter pointed out the other day MS's KNOWS their customers. Take from that what you will

@ Estranged

dude, thats one of if not the BIGGEST goalpost shifts this whole gen. Its got so sad that now people have stooped to halo being the most anticipated game whereas the other companies produce a glut more of less anticipated games...whadya think I prefer. More games or THE most anticipated game with not much else to fill the rest of the year...kinda like this year up until the last quarter

baodeus3155d ago

I agree that xbox having less exclusives going into the later years and i wouldn't consider that a good year for the so call "Hard Core" gamer. They do have other exclusives, but they were labeled kinect and automatically cast aside (some games are actually great and fun). The purpose of playing game is about fun right or have u guys forgotten that?

With that said, people on here make it sounds like MS previous exclusives during the early year of release just suddenly disappear. Go look up on the entire lists of games on both system and see it for yourself . Are we in the habit of omitting certain details just so that it would concise with our claim?

Many of u guys don't count x360 games as exclusives because they are on PC as well (Gears1, Fable3, SC conviction etc...) as exclusives when they are either publish or made by MS own studio. It is MS exclusives.

Do u think by buying it on pc instead of x360, you not giving MS money because u have some sort of agenda against it? MS played you guys for fools because that is exactly what MS wanted u to do, buying their games on either x360 or PC. By putting games on both, MS can sell more of their games. U really think MS is stupid right? Didn't u guys use to say Sony make money back from software, not hardware? This is the same case here, so think about it.

I would say that, going into the next gen, Sony would have an upper hand on exclusives (given if they don't screw up like this gen).

ProjectVulcan3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

The point isn't what games are made by Microsoft its what platform they happen to be exclusive on. PC is a platform. 360 is a platform. Any game on both is multi format regardless of whoever makes it. Why is it so important who makes it? All it means is that if its a Microsoft PC game they get less money for it because it does not have the same retail price as a Microsoft published console title.

If the multi format game you buy on PC happens to NOT be made by Microsoft or published by Microsoft, like FIFA or Deus ex or Crysis2...whatever...Microsoft get virtually nothing from the PC version whereas on their console they get a licensing fees/percentage from sales even on games that aren't theirs.

So then if you buy all your multiformat games on PC and they aren't Microsoft, Microsoft get practically nothing beyond an SDK type fee because PC is an 'open' platform.

Lets face it, most multiformat games on PC have not been Microsoft titles especially the past few years. I have bought so few Microsoft titles on PC of all the multis i purchased the past 2 or 3 years probably less than half a dozen were MS games.

baodeus3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )


true, if MS didn't publish those games for the PC, then of course they get nothing when they sell.....but people on here was using games like Fable, Gears, Mass Effect 1, for example as a reason why exclusives doesn't count on MS part, when MS either made these games, have publishing right, or help with development. If u think they don't get any money for doing it, then u guys really need to take business 101 and then come back so we can debate this further.

Let take Fable 3 as example, many said, they can buy it on PC instead of x360, and so it is not exclusives. True, may not be exclusive to console, but it is MS exclusives (MS own studio made this game for god sake). People on here make it sounds like by buying it on PC, they can still play the game without supporting x360 and indirectly not supporting MS. It just show that people don't think thing through do they? I'm starting to think that people on here are just drone.

MS have and have always been supporting of the PC, that is their market before the xbox. Publishing or making game on the PC is normal. Of course, PC aren't as popular as console now, but MS still want to release games on PC to make more money (despite that games on PC are selling at less than console version, but aren't all PC games like that anyways?). Regardless, it is still MS exclusives, just like if Sony release their games on PC, PSP, PS vita is on multiple platforms but it is still Sony exclusives. MS is different in that, if you have a PC, you can play the games, and doesn't require x360, but they are still MS games. In the end, Sony is trying to sell hardware, while MS is trying to sell software, which goes hand in hand with their strength don't they?

Do u see releasing game on PC have hurt x360 sells in anyways? No right? If u think it really hurt MS in anyways, go on a head and just buy it on PC...LOL.

Here is what u can do:

if you truly hated x360/MS for what ever reason, then don't buy MS games on either PC or x360. Go and search up on games that aren't publish by MS, developed by MS, etc... before buying. That is how u do it. Oh, and don't buy PC to play them either because most, if not all, already come with pre-install MS soft wares like window, direct x, etc...Best bet is to go with MAC.

Do i even have to teach you guys on how to to be proper fanboys?

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MaximusPrime3156d ago

Great year for both consoles. Not sure about Wii.

Btw I'm not bothered reading this article, I checked the source.

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Optical_Matrix3156d ago

I wouldn't say the Xbox 360 killed it at all. Sure I got a lot of games for my Xbox this year, but that's purely down to the fact that a lot of them were games from 2009-2010 that I had missed and got on the cheap. Only new Xbox releases I got were Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Gears of War 3, Batman Arkham City and Skyrim.

Don't get me wrong, the Xbox didn't have a bad year. But I wouldn't say it killed it. I was treated to far more frequent 1st party/exclusive content on my PS3/PSP and 3DS/DS/Wii

OC_MurphysLaw3156d ago

6yr old console, sells more than its ever sold since launch to the tune of 13million+... It killed it in2011. Doesn't mean the competition had bad years either. Just that 360 had an amazing year for its track record.

SoapShoes3155d ago

Well then you got to look at the definition being used for "killed it". If by killing it you meant by sells, sure(although on a World Wide basis the PS3 did just as well), but if you mean by software then no.