Comparing Skyward Sword To Other Zelda Games: Core Gameplay

ZD: In this series of articles comparing major elements of Skyward Sword with those of previous titles in the Zelda series, I have already covered the introduction, the overworld, and the story and characters. This will be the final article in this series, comparing the core gameplay of the game to that of its predecessors. The core gameplay of a Zelda game, arguably, is the combat and the puzzle-solving; the skills you use the most while navigating the overworld and that are tested the most by the game’s dungeons. Since the dungeons exemplify the core gameplay so well and are often considered to be the most important element of a Zelda game, I will also discuss these and their bosses.

The combat is especially prominent in Skyward Sword, as it was in the last major console game, Twilight Princess, and for this reason it’s especially important to discuss and compare to that of older games.

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