Top 5 Embarrassing Games to Play in Front of People

GP: "Games do an excellent job at telling stories and making us laugh or cry and making us happy or sad. However, sometimes video games aren’t always great to play in front of others. While it may be awesome to play something like a Zelda or Mario game in front of your family (I know my own dad enjoys watching my siblings and I play those two series) and have them enjoy it just as much as a movie, games like the ones I’ll be discussing here may not be.

Whether it’s something extremely sexual or just plain awkward, you might want to think twice before letting grandpa watch you play any of these games. Though perhaps you're masochistic and would enjoy the embarrassment. Nonetheless, read on and find out exactly what will get your face redder than a tomato."

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Nikhil2514d ago

They forgot the sex scene in Heavy Rain.

SolidGear32514d ago

Damn! I was going to post the same thing! Being a huge Heav Rain fan, I played it tons and got the platinum. Needless to say, my wife's first view of the game was when Ethan is taking a shower. She asked why I was watching a gay porno.

Kahvipannu2514d ago

Not as embarassing as in Fahrenhait (Indigos prophecy), quicktime sex, what was they thinking?

In HR it was atleast with better taste.

guitarded772514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Dude... my wife walked in while I was at that part. She was like WTF kinda video game are you playing? She also walked in during the GoW3 Aphrodite scene. Oh the shame.

ALSO QUESTION: Anyone know if No More Heroes worth picking up? Amazon has it on the cheap.

Spitfire_Riggz2514d ago

That game was so much like a movie that my whole family watched me play it... you can imagine what happened...

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I_Guts_I2514d ago

Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days

When your both naked...

Hiding behind the same back-end of a car ass to ass. Probably the most awkward moment i have ever had with my friend.

Tainted Gene2514d ago

that must have been hilarious

guitarded772514d ago

Bought that game for my homie so we could play co-op... didn't tell him about that part and he was like WTF did you buy me.

TopDudeMan2514d ago

I don't know, but playing any game in front of people is a little embarrassing to me, because non-gamers never really understand why the game is so good and ask lots of annoying questions like: "So what do you mean, there's no guns in this game?" and the classic: "Is this anything like call of duty?".

Darth Stewie2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

All titles on the list were japanese games and these are not embarrassing to them just dumb Americans who don't get their culture.

Stretchystrong2514d ago

That final fantasy scene is cringe worthy.

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