I Want My Money back!

From time to time we have all bought an awful game. Maybe it was due to insane amounts of boredom? A misleading review maybe? Or was it just your own stubborn insistence that you would enjoy it? Ah, but it's eating you alive isn't it? You just want to admit your past mistakes and atone for your sins. Well you can (after I finished talking), but first allow me to admit mine.

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Hellsvacancy2587d ago

I wish i hadnt of bought LA Noire

Leon_O_Quinn2587d ago

I'm not even sure where my feelings even stand with LA Noire. I love the setting and the style, but the flaws with the story are so awful its funny. To me LA Noire is like a B Moive. I hate it and love it.

Thank you for the comment and I hope you have a great Christmas :)

GuruStarr782586d ago

Definitely Hunted: The Demon's Forge...

I thought that game was going to be good, Bethesda hyped it up and I bought in....

after playing it for about 45 mins, I turned it off and sold it on Amazon.

banjadude2586d ago

I wholeheartely agree! I was so friggen excited for Hunted: DF, but I couldn't stand playing after the third hour.
Thankfully, my local EB Games had a trade in deal for 100% credit back.

I used that good money to buy Alice: Madness Returns instead.

HaHa_Ostrich2586d ago

I remember The fifth element the game. It had such stupid puzzles, I actually had problem solving them. I was trying to find that clever use of items and environment, yet all you had to do was step in front of a wall/object and press X.

megalonagyix2586d ago

STALKER Clear Sky!
The idea was excellent, the execution, not so much. Started 3 times, got stucked in the Swamps (reiforcements didnt come). Enemies are taking massive amount of damage, even on the easiest difficulty. And the sidequest-fraction stuffs were terrible. So is the AI and the game mechanics. Yeah i know everybody loves STALKER, but Metro 2033 was so much better it wasn't even funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.