Assassin's Creed: Revelations Review -

John of - "You find yourself in the Animus, where the code has been garbled and your only companion is the elusive Subject 16."

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scrambles2586d ago

GASP are reviewers now ok with giving AAA titles non8-10 reviews and finally trying to be honest now that everyone knows AC3 is just rehash??

scrambles2586d ago

Brotherhood was 2.5 like ppl should have known it cuz it barely changed anything so Revelations should have been 2.75 at best

brodychet2586d ago

I agree with his points. But that X-factor, the fun-factor; It made my overall feel of the game to be about 8.5. Not perfect, but definitely enjoyable and a great installment. Oh wait, no one cares about me. <|3

shammgod2586d ago

I agree with the review and have agreed since AC2...its the same sh.. over and over