Game of the Year Awards [Nintendo Enthusiast]

Skyward Sword or Xenoblade Chronicles? Who will take the crown? Find out inside.

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blaaah2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )



wtf is this IGN's Wii lobby?



Titanz2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Who the heck are you, bro?

lol xD

juegosmajicos2489d ago

That's us bro: people that actually play games talking about games. We started mostly because we were tired of IGN's own publications.

There's really no other way to start a website, anyway. You wouldn't prefer it if we were just a bunch of random journalism graduates that have never touched a videogame in their lives, for sure.

Menashe2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

And also, we are already a group of friends who know each other. We aren't just a random bunch of people who have to learn to get along. There's actual chemistry to our team.

Oh, and don't pay much attention to Blaaah's comments. Here's what he commented on a different article of ours:

"No seriously, you need to shut the fuk up! Do you really think I give a shit about whether you disagree or not?? Well, don't flatter yourself b*tch and get a job... its people like you who are the absolute scum of society and you give gamers a bad name. GTFO and take your fail with you, you mofo bastard!"

Or his comment on the interview with Operation Rainfall:

"The mightyme looks like a stereotypical fanboy (obese and ugly, doing nothing in his mid 30's)... lol... some of his posts on IGN boards are so stupid really you have to go check it out!"

He probably should be reported.

blaaah2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

lol, do you have any coverage of your office? I'd love to see the hut you 12 year olds work from. A better question would be have you even seen each other in real life?? There's not even a single female in your little wii group, but you claim to have good chemistry... LMFAO! Go back to the Wii lobby you bunch of jobless basement rats!!

You are the ones who should be reported. For ruining games journalism! lulz u dnt knw da shiz about gaming... all u ppl r is a little bunch of laid off f**ks who hv now become depressed attention whores. Get a life and GTFO of N4G!

And a very merry christmas to you, kiddo.

Titanz2489d ago

I enjoy your site, and I wish you all much success.

ChickeyCantor2488d ago

Blaah gives me the impression he is reflecting his sexuel frustrations on others.

I bet this guy is the best CoD player. He must be a real man.

juegosmajicos2488d ago

Now I'm really curious as to who blaaah is, that he can recognize us from the Wii Lobby but apparently doesn't post there himself. Even from the infamous banned, I can't quite figure out who he is.

Thanks for the clicks and temperature, anyway.

Menashe2488d ago

I'm guessing it's Twiilight Prince.

juegosmajicos2488d ago

I don't think it's Twilight Prince, he's pretty ok with us in general, and he doesn't dislike me or anything anymore. I'm still thinking its one of the banned, but I guess it doesn't realy matter that much.

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mike1up2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

So nice to see Xenoblade on those list, especially without a US release. I wonder if it has a chance to win GOTY in 2012 since it won't come out until April.

user39039992488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Man, that website has a shit load of spam (ads)
It's not a real GOTY since you kids are bias.

I bet games from other platform was included because nintendo didn't have enough good games to make a decent list.