Battlefield 3 Online: Perfected by DICE, ruined by you

The last thing I hear as, infuriatingly, my dogtags are taken and my killstreak is ended: "Look at that guy there. No, him. Nah, he's not on my side. Check it out, though, he's going to stab that soldier in the back. Yeah, that means you get his dogtags".

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Majin-vegeta4302d ago

I agree,last night no matter how much i tried i could not win a single match do to most of my team being dumbasses just using the mortar or sniping i lost 10 games in a row so i just quit.

Yi-Long4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

... you have too many people who are rushing to get their weapons 'upgraded' by just going for their own goals and kills.

It's a flaw in the design.

Personally, although I can see the appeal behind the system where you unlock cooler and better stuff the more you play the game, but I prefer it when everyone just starts out 'equal' in terms of material. That way, it remains a skill-based game, and you don't get blown away by those people who boosted to level 50 and have all the good stuff, like heat-seaking missiles and whatever.

Battlefield 1943 did it right. Perfect balance, just 5-flag Conquest mode (which is all I want), and there people DO work as teams.

2pacalypsenow4302d ago

sniping helps more than you think i have saved many peoples lives by tagging enemies and defended planted bombs using a sniper

Pl4sm44302d ago

so true .. when i started at bf3 i couldn't get an attack heli kill because i did not have flares .. good thing the game rewards u for just using it . but still .. i prefer everyone having the same weapons/equipment and focus on the team objective

RedSky4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

It all comes down to game design. The reason why this is a problem is because of the way the rewards system is designed. Some gaming execs have gone it stuck in their head that since CoD is doing so well, EVERY multiplayer FPS needs an unlockable weapons/items/perks system. Since this gears the game around individual success, not team success, it messes up games like BF3.

Same thing with the CoD series itself and camping. The game's risk/reward is such that camping works really well for racking up points. You minimise your chance of being killed before you unlock your kill streaks, and once your kill streaks are out, that's what gets you so many points/kills. People whinge about it being the player base's fault for playing dirty, but it's the game structure that encourages it. People are just so used to modern day gaming FPS conventions they struggle to imagine an alternative.

Washington-Capitals4302d ago

Its quite ironic people are now blaming the community for ruining BF3 online, yet for a game like Call of Duty, its always the games fault. Has anyone ever realized the main problems that people complain about in COD are a result from the players?

As an example
Ghost/Assassin should be used by people who rush and want to infiltrate the enemy spawn, but noob campers use it and sit in a corner.

Yes there are issues with the game like no dedicated servers, but people can look past that, its the way people play games that can ruin it.

da_2pacalypse4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

The consequences of not having a matchmaking system (and instead having a server browser), is that once a server goes dead, it stays dead for a while! I love the game, but once a lobby is lopsided it stays that way for a few games at least.

and @Washington-Capitals The problem with cod is that the game itself is not balanced. BF3 is balanced, but team work can make or break the game for somebody. if your team isn't working to win, you'll lose and you won't be happy.

mugoldeneagle034302d ago

They got to either streamline voice chat or create a way to band squads together who are actually trying to win instead of fuck around for an entire map.

I get why they don't have it set up like that, you could just spam the squad spawn but sometimes even a 4 man squad can't do anything, let alone you playing by yourself.

That'd be my christmas wish

SilentNegotiator4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

Whose fault?

Poor balance, selfish motivations/perks, lack of tight level matching.....basically, a lot of the same issues as you-know-who.

Take down that DICE shrine and see a shrink. DICE has absolutely not "perfected" online multiplayer. Don't give me that "you're playing it wrong nonsense" when people are playing it the way that rewards them, as designed by DICE.

Pushagree4302d ago

Most online games start out perfect, then the noobs use exploits to ruin the game. Tactical insertion, rocket launching, camping, etc...

ChrisW4301d ago

Luckily PC servers can restrict things like: no use of certain rockets, auto-boot for multiple TKing with in a certain time, and best of all restricting the # of snipers.

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lorianguy4302d ago

...and I forgot to press the tape recorder....

If anyone gets that they are legendary.

iamnsuperman4302d ago

"Battlefield 3 is a brilliant playground of war, but one that relies on players working together to realise its true potential. Come on guys, shape up."

You can't tell someone how to play a game. The problem is that tactical multiplayer is basically dead because running gun hoe, rambo style is what the majority want to do. It sad to say but it doesn't work right now.

Baka-akaB4302d ago

yeah you basically gotta give the idea up , find smaller scale games such as MAG , or stick to playing with a Clan .

Jinxstar4302d ago

All I ever really find in any BF game is when I join a team there are at least 2 but usually 3 snipers and me... Medic usually but... Either way the game is still better then COD but just too heavy on sniping sometimes. I feel there should be a limited number of slots in any game for any class and choices rotate each match... Best way ever to balance a game but people would hate it.

Motorola4302d ago

It's hard to find a full team that's GOOD. But the game is fun if everyone (including the enemy) are decent.

DasBunker4302d ago

it would be easier to use teamwork and ps3 if the voice chat worked and people used their mic... really hope the PS4 comes with a mic

roguewarrior4301d ago

Since the PS3 is compatible with ANY Blutooth 2.0 headset. You can get a good Headset for $10 and a great one for $20-30 online. As long as Online multi stays free for PS4, I'm fine with shelling out for a Headset.

IAmCornHolio4301d ago

The xbox bf3 scene is just as bad. Matchmaking needs to be fixed to put mic users together on servers with other mic users.

I think if the xp bonus was bigger for defending points...

Also... noobs... you have a tank... when you drive it up to the line scrimmage, and then get out of the tank, the other side takes the tank, and uses it against us, and we loose the round. If you are in a tank and accross enemy lines, STAY IN THE FRIGGING TANK UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD.

Drabent4301d ago

Yep, can you believe how many ppl on ps3 still don't have mics lol its sad.

SnakeCQC4302d ago

i like trying to fly a plane and then getting blown up because everyone has a rocket launcher /s

HappyWithOneBubble4302d ago

At least you know how to fly. Every time I get in a plane I crash.

SnakeCQC4302d ago

my advice find empty casbian border servers jump in a plane and just practising take off then manoeuvring etc

HappyWithOneBubble4302d ago

Never thought of that. Thanks for advice.

FlashBack4301d ago

Change the control scheme to what suits you, I like Southpaw, try that one.

PhantomT14124301d ago

The real "on the fly" learning :p

SnotyTheRocket4301d ago

What platform do you play on? Maybe we could try that empty Caspian boarder idea, or just play on the ground, where I'm damn good a conquest. (I really need to try other game modes)

SnakeCQC4301d ago

on pc i traded in my ps3 copy because the planes were always taken and i never got a chance to use them lol i think my origin id is outwar6010 aswell

SnotyTheRocket4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Well, what's your PSN? I play on PS3 because I like it and I can't use an Xbox controller worth a damn. If you ever buy it back on PS3 (tomorrow is boxing day, good time to) PM, I see your bubbles are gone.