Puzzler: Game-industry Christmas cards (2011)

Here are 18 holiday-greeting cards from various game companies. See if you can figure out who sent them.

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Sadie21002494d ago

The Black Ops one would make an awesome Christmas ornament.

admanb2494d ago

Some of these companies did not put their best, second best, or soberest graphic designers to work on these...

THR1LLHOUSE2494d ago

The Bethesda one is rad. Makes me wish they did some Christmas DLC...

Reindeer armor, anyone?

Also: I'm glad Capcom put a Servbot on theirs. "Hey guys, remember that game we were making and then canceled? Haw haw!"

ALSO: "Nintendo (Mario, Duck Hunt)"

Ohhh, THAT Nintendo. The one that made Duck Hunt.

SybaRat2494d ago

My snowman looks JUST LIKE THAT!

NagaSotuva2494d ago

The Grinch made some of these cards...

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