Skyrim: 8 quick, easy tips to superboost your character

Here are some simple, almost mindless strategies to help level-up your Skyrim warrior faster than ever.

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Sadie21002493d ago

Normally, I would say I would want to avoid these, cause they're very cheap, but...the game itself is glitchy, so I'm justifying this by saying these tips will make up for the jankiness!

Baka-akaB2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

might as well just use the console then . Same effect without the useless grind , for those that dont wanna play the game normally

THR1LLHOUSE2493d ago

This is awesome!
But i can't do any of this...I'll cheapen the experience that Harold Bloodshadow has while saving Tamriel...but I would love to get some crazy levels...

So I'm totally gonna do all of this...

SybaRat2493d ago

I love a game that lets you cheat! That makes it even more like real life!

NagaSotuva2493d ago

Patches will eventually ruin this, so cheat while you still can!

choadley2493d ago

Nice to see Seanbaby get a chance to play good games for a change.

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