BF3 – DICE Talks Bugs and Future DLC: Snowy Maps “A Definite Possibility”

MP1st - DICE comments on some of the issues that Battlefield 3 is currently facing and also answers suggestions for future DLC.

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Nitrowolf22493d ago

I would freak'n Love a snow map

velocitygamer2493d ago

Jesus Christ, imagine a snowy map on Frostbite 2 :O

Truly jizz-worthy.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2493d ago

I loved the snowy maps in BFBC2, they are so awesome.
I want a Dense Foresty Map and A Snow Map

ShoryukenII2493d ago

Hell yes. Snow and jungle! Wasn't there supposed to be a map in NYC as well? I hope they put in more than one snow and jungle map like in BC2. I want at least three of each. :)

Yi-Long2492d ago

... and not small 'CoD' maps, like too many maps in Battlefield 3.

Great game, but maps like Crossing the Seine, Metro, Tehran Highyway and Damavand Peak are too straightforward and lacking proper Battlefield-style freedom.

Crazyglues2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

here check this out, snow on anything is cool... -

Now DICE please put it in Battlefield 3


DeadlyFire2493d ago

Just get DICE to GIVE US the SDK Mod Tools for Battlefield 3. All the snow maps or any other kind you want then for free.

Hufandpuf2493d ago

Great, snow maps are always fun and it can give us a chance to use the white camos effectively.

Majin-vegeta2493d ago

Maps with weather effects would be great.

Criminal2493d ago

Dynamic maps on servers that would replicate the weather of their location.

Mister_V2493d ago

I'd still love to have time changes during a match. Like, starting a Rush or QC map in the late afternoon and watch it turn to evening by the end. Or, dusk to morning.

Grimhammer002493d ago

Non-clippable terrain would be a better announcement.

InFAMOUS12493d ago

This is unrealistic. Clipping is just way to hard to control from an development standpoint. While I agree it would be cool, but to expect it is just silly.

Mister_V2493d ago

I really miss snow-maps. I wouldn't even mind if they just gave us a couple remakes of some BC2 maps. I'm surprised they didn't give us even a single one in the launch version of BF3.

Hufandpuf2493d ago

The setting doesn't take place during winter. Bfbc2 had them because the story took them places from Russia to south America, hence the various locations. It makes bf3 seem more realistic, but I still would like a snow map so Frostbite 2 could show us it's versatility.

Mister_V2493d ago

Definitely. Maybe even a snow-themed expansion pack? I'd be down.

ShoryukenII2493d ago

With snowmobiles and dog-drawn sleds? =D

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The story is too old to be commented.