20 Secrets You Might Miss in GTA V Trailer

Check out the 20 secrets in GTA trailer that you probably might not see before

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YodaCracker2493d ago

I already knew 19 of the 20 so-called "secrets" from this article. I was not aware of bigfoot on the police crest though. This article was pretty poor, not to mention late. I found this line especially dumb:

"No, it’s not Niko Ballic, but the clothes are similar and the sign says Need money for beer, pot and hookers – confirming all three in the game?"

Aside from spelling GTA IV's main protagonist's name wrong, they suggest that the sign a random homeless man is holding contains clues to features of the game.

rizzo-rizzo2492d ago

Machinima debunked this like 2-3 weeks ago. Why is it even at 350 degrees.

Whore_Mouth2492d ago

Conspiracy theories abound.

Did anyone notice the tri-force in the "E" in "five"?
Must be in Hyrule.

Valenka2487d ago

Well not only was that a waste of my time, but it was a headache-giver seeing as how the author can't speak a lick of English.