10 Must Have Games If You're New To The Wii

GXC writes: "The Nintendo Wii: It was sitting pretty at the top of this generation with systems flying off the shelves. The craze of motion gaming and the more economical price was a huge selling point for the Wii. While it may not sell as much as in previous years, you can expect a similar trend this holiday season.

If you are one of those getting one for the first time, you may want to make that purchase worthwhile. So as we continue covering must have games to get for different systems, here are ten (currently available – in no particular order) games that you might want to look into if you are new to the Wii."

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blaaah2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Great list.. but Twilight Princess & RE4 Wii Edition (Best version of the game to this date) must be added!

SoundGamer2491d ago

They are great games but not Wii exclusives though.

cpayne932491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Er, Twilight Princess is.

ThatMiamiGuy2491d ago

@cpayne93 - It was also on Gamecube

cpayne932491d ago

Dang, I forgot about that. My bad.

blaaah2491d ago

Their gameplay is completely different from their alternative versions... so one can say they are exclusives... But this hasn't got anything to do with being exclusive or not.

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nyobzoo2491d ago

kind of a sad list when all but 1 are 1st party titles

Venox20082491d ago

Nice to see Sin & Punishment 2.. I recommend it to all hardcore gamers..

I can add:

Rabbids go home
Warioware: smooth moves
No more heroes 1 & 2
House of the dead: overkill
Wario land: shake it (shake dimension)
Pikmin 1 & 2
Fatal frame IV
Silent Hill: shattered memories

and more :) that I can't remember at the moment