Ever Wondered How Much Bandwidth Modern Warfare 3 Uses?

Not everyone has perfect internet, and especially when gaming it becomes clear just how good or bad your internet connection is. When hosting there is a large difference in the bandwidth used and this image presents that difference.

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lorianguy2543d ago

I guess it was expected that it would use more bandwidth hosting but that's a rather large leap!

Stevo912543d ago

You do realise that it is a tiny amount of bandwidth being used? 50kb/s maximum peak..

lorianguy2543d ago

Of course, it's less than a 20th of the average broadband package around here. What I was meaning is the leap between client and host is quite big.

Ocelot5252543d ago

please use KB and not kb. kb is kilobit.

generalthadeape2543d ago


I'm really just hoping that Comcast & Sprint stay cool with my online usage & really refrain from either limiting my bandwidth or throttling my upload / download speeds.

I am aware that they can play games when going over the 5GB 'limit' on their "unlimited" internet data use, while also doing lots of shifty things in the background that most average users are not aware of-- but please guys, let's keep "unlimited" truly unlimited.

With all of the smart phones apps, streaming videos on Netflix, hosting of online games & yes, even pirating of games-- I highly doubt that a truly "unlimited" data plan will even exist within the next few years.

Enjoy it while it lasts, boys-- enjoy it while it lasts...

C_Menz2543d ago

That's not that much. If it was 200+ kb/s then overtime it will mess with your monthly data usage if you play an ungodly amount of CoD. Those figures are slightly above what it takes to browse the internet, go on youtube, etc.

NoUseMerc2543d ago

Not much considering how far internet speeds have come over the last few years.

FFXI1012542d ago

That's true. but we(US) are still paying a lot more than people paying in Asia..

For example in Taiwan people are paying $45.50 for 50m/5m, but I'd be paying $64.95 for 50m/10m that's 5m more for upload and $19.45 more each month.

lorianguy2542d ago

Ouch, that's quite bad.

In the UK, Virgin Media offer offer 100MB/10MB broadband for £38/month, including a phone line and truly unlimited data (so long as you don't abuse it).

justpassinggas2542d ago

Pfft...Americans cry too much.

Up here in Canada, 50Mbps down/2Mbps up for $100+$7 modem rental+tax AND there's only a 250GB monthly cap. Exceeding this, you get charged $50 more.

So, to get this 50/20 internet, it costs us 157+tax = $177.41.

You guys have got it sweet down there when compared to Canada. Our currencies are almost equal, as well.

Intentions2542d ago

Lol ppl in US need to stop complaining.

I live in NZ. Paying phone line and internet (60 gigs) for $100 (NZ). So that is ~$78 (US)?

If you think that is bad, imagine what the cost of gaming is.

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The story is too old to be commented.