PlayStation Vita Offers More Security to Gamers

At some point in the future, the PlayStation Vita will be getting applications which may contain confidential information. Like all information, it could be at risk of identity theft if the handheld is stolen. Noticing this problem, just what did Sony do to protect the information stored on your Vita?

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admiralvic2494d ago

You know I've always found lockscreens to be a catch 22. On one hand it will prevent others from using your device if stolen, but on the other hand will also prevent someone from returning it of found.

PirateThom2494d ago

I know it sounds silly, but UV pens and just adding a name and phone number can work wonders. If someone hands it to police they can check those things.

Ddouble2494d ago

I'll rather have it locked and have peace of mind knowing that someone isn't going to get my account banned or start sending messages to people on my friends list.

I don't know about you but where I live if you lose your phone it's as gone for good, don't even bother ringing it.

ShoryukenII2494d ago

Do you mean to put a GPS chip inside your Vita? How would you do that? If it is possible, I would do it in a heartbeat!

GribbleGrunger2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

last year a PSP was stolen and the police traced it with the built in GPS. if the Vita had a built in GPS that you could turn on via your PSN id... see what i'm saying? perfect solution.

ShoryukenII2494d ago

But if the system is locked or signed off from PSN, then would that still work? What if you have the Wifi version? :(

MasterCornholio2494d ago

Doesn't the 3G vita have GPS?

Anyways I always use a lock with my phone and with the Vita I will be doing the same.


bub162494d ago

been trying for ages to access the website but its been down :(

bub162494d ago

strange. i tried with proxys aswell and no luck. damn my internet :(

admiralvic2494d ago

Well the gist is that you can enter a 4 digit code (as seen in the picture)

tarbis2494d ago

It's good that they included that security feature. =D

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