Naruto Generations: First Hokage vs Sage Naruto Gameplay

YouTube user rasenganhameha has uploaded a brand new video of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations! It features the First Hokage taking on Sage Mode Naruto. The video is from a CyberConnect2 event where members of the team take on each other on Naruto Generations and Naruto Storm 2.

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chaos_mechanica3469d ago

I really enjoyed the last game. The gameplay was especially amazing, even though the story mode got tedious at times, especially if you were trying to get the trophies.

Kalowest3469d ago

I love the story mode of UNS2; i have a platinum for that game.

Snookies123469d ago

Ehhh!? Story mode tedious!? The story mode for UNS2 was amazing! They did some parts better than the anime! That's the one thing I'm worried about for Generations haha. With all of the content they have to fit on the game, I think they'll have to skimp on the story mode, which kinda worries me. However, CC2 have done a fantastic job on UNS series, so I do have quite a bit of faith.

ShoryukenII3469d ago

I played a bit of the story mode in the first game and it had an open world. Does Generations let us explore the Leaf Village as well? Can we go beyond Konoha?

Yi-Long3469d ago

... it's traded in the 'free-roaming' with static screens which you run through. Sadly.

I did love UNS2 though, but mostly because of the cool fights.

chaos_mechanica3466d ago

For me it was cool until i did the trophy related quests like finding tonton's pearls, and how much you had to doubleback through the world to find ingredients. I know developers do that to pad the game a bit, and I had a bit of fun doing that, but after the 20th time of going over the ENTIRE world looking for stuff, it drove me nuts.

Otherwise I really enjoyed exploring and the graphics were beautiful no matter what mode you were doing. The fighting engine is definitely superb, and I'd have to say, better than any other anime game I've played, this story mode summarized the entire show so well that you could arguably skip over the anime, play this, and still know exactly what happened in a superior way.

Loved it.