Are we that desperate for Half-Life 3 or is Valve truly hinting towards a 2012 reveal?

DSOGaming writes: "Man, this simply can’t be a simple coincidence. It’s pretty much clear that most of us want to see Half-Life 3 and it’s true that Valve has been hinting for it, but is that all we got? Apparently not as all hell has broken loose these past days. Forget the HL3 T-Shirt and the fact that Gabe Newell – that’s according to an insider so take it with a grain of salt – has given the green light to Valve’s employees to start hinting about the next Half-Life title. Yeah, those are quite good enough in order to assume that we’ll have some news about HL3 in 2012 but Valve themselves has given us lots of little hints and easter eggs these past days."

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NYC_Gamer2517d ago

i think we are just desperate as half life fans

PiccoloGR2517d ago

Agreed but I'll be damned if Valve doesn't announce anything at all in 2012

jdktech20102517d ago

L4D3 incoming at

But seriously even for Valve time they're being cruel to the Half Life fans with this wait....I would think something has to be coming unless they're making Half Life 3 for Source 2 which might delay it a bit more.

I love Valve but they really need a new engine

Eamon2517d ago

I think Valve confirmed they won't be making a L4D3. Especially after the whole cry from the fan community.

It could be Team Fortress 3 or another IP. But if it's Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3... I'll be the happiest man on earth.

caboose322517d ago

Honestly I don't think they will make a TF3 for a VERY long time. TF2 is such a constantly evolving game that when compared to the original version, it's beginning to look like a TF3 with everything they have added.

The only thing they could change with a new game is just graphics.

Waffle2517d ago

I'd rather have Left 4 Dead 3.

Hufandpuf2517d ago

It's as easy as kidnapping a valve dev and forcing the info out of him. Geez, with all the hardcore valve fans, I'm surprised they haven't either been hacked for info or kidnapped altogether.

Eamon2516d ago

Valve are smart. All the secret info are probably on offline databases.

Plagasx2516d ago

They truly need to stop this. It's making my penis too wet.

john22516d ago

Nice teasing there Valve, now get back to work