PlayStation Vita: IGN's First 100 Hours

IGN - For the better part of the week, IGN has been playing the wheels off the PlayStation Vita. We're passing around Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Touch My Katamari cartridges like they're going out of style. This has led to a number of previews and a ton of videos, but now it's time for the IGN PlayStation Team to talk about the device as a whole.

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Shang-Long2516d ago

I'm really excited to see how the next year goes for the vita. With games like gravity rush coming out, it feels like we're going to see real creative games coming out. The price sucks for me since I can't afford to buy one YET, but I will be saving and plan to upgrade to the vita.

sloth33952516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

yeah i already have mine paid off so getting it right away

ThanatosDMC2516d ago

I'm hoping for a next Gen Monster Hunter game... but it's Capcom they'll keep reusing outdated tech or spit out HD versions of old games or sell an expansion for full price.

5119ent2515d ago

Ps3 needs monster hunter