Jimmy Fallon Gives Entire Audience 320GB Limited Edition Uncharted 3 PS3

All this week on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the talk show host has been treating his studio audience with some generous gifts for the Holidays. Friday night was no exception.

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remanutd552492d ago

they got really excited lol

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2492d ago

Wonder if Sony will count those as Sold. ;)

Abash2492d ago

They should, Microsoft sure as hell counted it when Ellen and Oprah gave thousands of Kinect console bundles

"You're getting Kinect! You're getting Kinect! You're getting Kinect!" XD

360 fanboys should learn to keep their mouth shut since they are the biggest hypocrites of all the faboys

coolbeans2492d ago

@ Abash

You just blew a subtle joke completely out of proportion, thus removing the smirk I had from reading Endoran's statement. How could you? :(

gaffyh2492d ago

I get what you mean coolbeans, but there is no such thing as a joke from a user with one comment bubble. :D.

Abash2492d ago

@ coolbeans

It wasn't a joke, it was a comment taking a jab at Sony for doing this when Microsoft has done it 10 times over

And Im sure your subtle smirk wouldnt be there if that was a comment about Microsoft, you're just as much part of the problem on this site if that gave you a smirk,

Ducky2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

It looked like a joke to me, mainly because his statement had subtle irony.
All you did was take it seriously and tried to turn that subtle irony as an argument.

It gave me a smirk as well... but I guess if I'm not taking everything seriously whilst lashing out at others, then I'm part of the problem. Cool.

coolbeans2492d ago

@ abash

"'re just as much part of the problem on this site if that gave you a smirk."

I'm sorry that you feel I may be a problem.

"And Im sure your subtle smirk wouldnt be there if that was a comment about Microsoft..."

I must ask: don't you think making baseless assumptions-like the one you just made-are another part of the problem with this site?

If you must know, I wouldn't care which direction a joke is aimed (whether it be a slant towards MS, Sony, or Ninty) so long as it's has subtle irony, and isn't just a trolling post.

Fez2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

hahahaha, the n4g community blows.

edit: well maybe just abash and the SDF.

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joeyisback2492d ago

this other show with this woman i saw while turning thru the stations other day was giving away ps3s

rezzah2492d ago

Why did you get disagrees if that is what you saw?

Unless there is some hidden intent.

ABizzel12492d ago

Because people are stupid. I apparently got disagrees for finding the man in the video at 0:58 funny.

rdgneoz32492d ago

Maybe due to how vague the comment was... A show with a women that he saw while changing channels... No specific channel or program listed or time frame or who the woman was...

rezzah2491d ago

So you disagree with his ability to see a random person give away PS3s on any channel?

SilentNegotiator2492d ago

I don't. Jimmy Fallon isn't funny.

rickhunter892492d ago

i said the show not jimmy

SilentNegotiator2492d ago

At least it wasn't to a large audience of VG journalists like E3 2010.....

NotSoSilentBob2492d ago

So what is M$ excuse for sending out 800$ "Reviewer" bundles for Halo 3?

Kran2492d ago

FFS! I really need to get on one of these shows if I ever move to America. ;P

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