Worlds First Knife Only M.O.A.B

Getting a M.O.A.B is hard enough with guns and secondaries however it seems that a Modern Warfare 3 player has managed to give himself a handicap and succeed at getting a M.O.A.B with just knifes.

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cyborg69712542d ago

This just proves how bad this game has gotten.

Kyosuke_Sanada2542d ago

Quake, Unreal......where art thou........

rezzah2542d ago

Now that is pretty cool.

Unlike the snipers who camp the same spot until they MOAB.

rezzah2542d ago

Camp in the same spot until they MOAB, meaning from beginning to end.

BTW how else is one to get MOAB without camping? Moving around make it likelier to die.

MOAB promotes camping in some way to achieve it; all higher assault kill streaks do.

AtomicGerbil2542d ago

Wow, knife fresh air for a kill, throw one knife at an enemy with armour for a kill, get shot with at least two rounds and beat your opponent with one knife swipe. Can't believe how much wrong there is in that video.

morganfell2542d ago

" a legitimate game of Domination."

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