MW3 - Theatre Updates Coming In January, Problems With Remote Regions And More

Once again with Modern Warfare 3, there are fixes and problems in the game, this includes Theatre updates and also Remote Region problems.

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sycnation2494d ago

yea da theater is horrible
black ops faired WAY BETTER
to b honest 30 seconds sucked but 1 minute's still too short 4 an average 7 minute bout
plus for some reason the first 5 seconds of the post edited (albeit rendered) are cut, AS ARE the final 5 seconds. The screen tears are just disrespectful while watching the final 'rendering'. And what the hell happened to being able to watch your enemies POV in first person?

Also because i watch my killcams, im FORCED to watch my death instead of being able to freecam. Facebook integration is a joke. It won't even upload my vault contents. The first few days i was able to. Ever since... "an error has occured'.
Tried forums, deleting & reinstalling data... to no avail.



just get rid of the game and be done with it.

the game fails on so many levels it's beyond a joke

BX812493d ago

Let's take care of this hit detection over powered weapons and dedicated servers!