Nintendo to stream second "Nintendo Direct" presentation on December 27th

Nintendo Universe writes:

Nintendo are to hold a second online "Nintendo Direct" presentation, to be held after Christmas on December 27th.

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user8586212492d ago

More unannounced games for the 3DS plzzz <3

Titanz2492d ago

Enjoy handheld gaming. The 3DS is priced well, has BC with NDS games, and has a decent amount of 3rd party support.

Matrix2k2492d ago

perphaps this was the yoshi platformer, f zero and a few other games that were rumored for the first conference but werent there.

GuruStarr782492d ago

Id love to see a new metroid for 3DS....

eagle212492d ago

I agree with, a new F-Zero or Yoshi would be really welcomed. I would also like a new Donkey Kong....whether classic style or even a new Donkey Kong Country.

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