Skyrim's greatest mysteries: runes, mannequins and the fate of the Dwemer

Xbox360: You may think you know Skyrim pretty well by now. We thought pretty much the same till about three hours ago. But then we began researching this feature on the game's greatest unsolved mysteries, and found ourselves immediately out of our depth.

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zeal0us2542d ago

Where did the Dwemer go?

Is the one that one that mainly interest me.

SnakeCQC2542d ago

sound a little like stargate with all the ancients ascending to a higher plane of existence

SockMaster2541d ago

Ive only played 22 hours of Skyrim and can honestly say the first mystery, if you look at the links and what it entails...Firstly it goes over my head completetly, but its mind-blowing! I cant even register it with my tiny knowledge of Lore/In game philospophy.

I dont want to put down any spoliers but if what i read is true then WOW, the DLC coming up story-wise could be insane.

Going to read up on it for a few hours tomorrow if i can find some time!

Merry Christmas btw.

hotskys2541d ago

Honestly, I hope in a futre elder scrolls game, they full explain what happened to the dwemer. Maybe base part of the game around it. The dwemer fascinate me.