Retro Gaming: Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind

Computeractive: With all the fuss over Skyrim, it'd be easy to forget that it is the fifth in a well respected series of games. Not having had much of a chance to play the previous game, Oblivion, my yardstick for the review was the game before that, Morrowind. So how does this nine year-old game stack up against its new brother?

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JsonHenry2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I still say the best of the series was Daggerfall. (if you take into account the time period it was made)

NukaCola2517d ago

The originals could use a good make over Daggerfall, Arena and Morrowind. Something for the Vita maybe and the PSN/XBLA? Something a subdeveloper could do while Bethewda works on Fallout 4 and some Sktrym DLC...perhaps

Baka-akaB2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I dont entirely agree , not while there are still plenty content to explore for the universe .

Leave it to modders , as they show some great skills (cf morrowind's multiple revamp already via mods) and focus upon more new elder scrolls entry .

Something like playing around the era of Tiber Septim and the unification of Cyrodil in a next game . By some plot stretch you could even be playing the future Tiber Septim (but unlikely given the character creation constraints ) .

Or exploring the Great War , or the continent of Akavir among many other options