Battlefield 3: Graphics Power Frostbite

In the action-packed multiplayer battles of Battlefield 3 is not much time using the Frostbite Engine 2 graphically staged great battlefields of the first-person shooter to be considered at rest.

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hiredhelp2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Im glad its not just me who just stops and looks at this game. Resembles actual real world's And when you stop to look at the amount of textures in this game with the lighing and shadows bouncing aound off the sun reflecting threw the tress that bounces off a passing jeep running threw a stream. This engine and the devs are master craftsmen,
Wish this game gets alot more praise cos above all else its my. GOTY.


NewMonday2490d ago

the new single GPU cards from ASUS and Nvidia will just about run the game at max ultra settings. its the big upgrade i'm waiting for.

FlareDReborn2490d ago

Only think i dont like about BF3's graphics is the water :( the water in 1943 looked better..

death2smoochie2490d ago

Don't say that on this site....Say its only possible on the PS3 and you will be fine LOL...You might actually get more bubbles. ;-)

Tarantino_Life2490d ago

Say PC is the greatest ever!! Only way ppl can be respected on this site.. Say sales are most important and 360 matters.... Only then ppl can be respected on this site Lol....Now STFU you Retard!!

leogets2490d ago

Awesome looking game but is it me or is there some really bad up close texture work in back to karkand. I.e tiles in buildings and sand on wake island.

pandehz2490d ago

VGA should be ashamed for not nominating this for Best Graphics Category