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"You may not recognize Insomniac by name, but most will recognize them by game. Perhaps better known as the studio behind Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank, the crew over at Insomniac has built almost the whole of their reputation on charmingly cute platformers."

But there's a side to Insomniac many aren't aware of, one that came before Ratchet, before Spyro. Way back in 1996, Insomniac released their debut PlayStation game, Disruptor. An inventive first-person shooter, Disruptor was dark, fast-paced, and violent. It's a sharp contrast to Insomniac's later efforts, and after almost an entire decade of nothing but lighthearted cartoony platformers, you can see why they were eager to do something different.

Enter Resistance: Fall of Man. Insomniac's launch title for the PlayStation 3 isn't a happy place; it's gritty, realistic, and basically everything their past seven games weren't. And much like the oft-forgotten Disruptor, Resistance is story-driven first-person shooter with a strong emphasis on creative weaponry.

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kmis875859d ago

This game just sounds better everyday.

specialguest5859d ago

i once thought and stated that the AI was lacking, but ever since the IGN review, i totally change my statement.

looks like this game will be way better than the average FPS.

Sevir045859d ago

"This attention to detail isn't something solely limited to dead Chimera. Glass breaks and cracks realistically based off to the size, power, and location of the object that impacted it. Major explosions kick up dust and debris, temporarily masking the immediate area in a thick smoky cloud. The tubes on the Chimera's cooling units can be shot out, causing the tubes to flail wildly as the cool mist escapes. Car tires can be deflated with a single shot, and side view mirrors can be knocked off with another. At one point, we observed a slowed version of the Howler's running animation, and were mesmerized by the realistic appearance of its tendons contracting and expanding, not to mention the way in which its claws bent as its weight was constantly being redistributed. All together, it's a level of polish one would consider impressive coming from any game, but given that Resistance is a first generation PlayStation 3 title, this speaks volumes about both the power of the PlayStation 3 and the level of talent Insomniac employs."

yes this is a must have forps3 and i will get this game. As much as i have a great feeling about gears of war, i dont see hear websites raving on about GOW, anywho i'm not here to flame because i have a 360 and GOW will be a game i'll pick up simply because i wanna play it, but i'm playin R:FOM as well and man it's gonna be hot

EnforcerOfTheTruth5858d ago

...surely wasn't happy reading this.

big_tim5859d ago

I was reading the article and it said one person per PS3 online. I hope that isn't final. Maybe it is only for the 40 player matches. That would help to eliminate lag. I enjoy playing online with buddies every now and then on the same machine. This would be a little disappointing.

andy capps5859d ago

Agreed. Gears of War looks great, but this game looks like a system seller. Everytime I read something about this game, it sounds better and better. Plus, their track record of making original and triple-A title is stellar. Can't wait to pick this one up at launch. I wonder if they'll have this at the demo pods prior to launch?.. It may be too violent to show in your average Wal-mart or Best Buy.

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