The evolution of Crysis's lighting; new lighting and shaders boost the game's visuals to new levels

DSOGaming writes: "There is no denying that Crysis' vanilla lighting looks a bit dated nowadays. And although you can tweak the SSAO and bring to the table some amazing results, Crytek's member 'Wulfen' uploaded a video that shows off his new lighting system and the amazing combination of it with Cry-Styves' Shaders. This combo seems quite demanding - if we can judge by the footage that is choppy, though we don't know the user's test system - but it surely looks sexy. This is lighting/shader combo boosts Crysis visuals to a whole new level, so be sure to check out the video!"

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PersonMan2542d ago

The original looks best. Those lights aren't meant to be blindly bright in my opinion. It looked better when they were just a dim glow instead of spot lights.

john22542d ago

Original is washed out. Pay attention to the characters as there is a huge difference

deadpoole2542d ago

Since from when ... severe black crush and blindin white became the new bar for the next level.

Now u tell me ... when u turn the tube light on ... does it have limited path of area where it glows like in the video or does it glow in omnidirectional (Answer is definately the later).

and the Styves stuff ... like lookin directly into the light and have that bar effect on screen ... hate it.

RedDead2542d ago

Yeah the characters look miles better, and the ground

Sub4Dis2542d ago

this video just reminded me how "original crysis," a 4 year old game, puts every other game i've played since to shame.

what an incredible engine they built. there are only 2 engines that can really contend with this. The Dunia Engine, and the Frostbite 2 Engine.

Grip2542d ago

not very smooth. need to get a better PC before make a better Crysis

Ninjamonkey822542d ago

Someone be foolin with my eyes here thrid run in Cry-Styves’ Shaders is not even PC lol thats the 360 ffs :) Try again. Look the Antilasing They went froma pretty descent spec PC downways in this test for some reason if it stayed pc all the way :/.

john22542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

You do know that Cry-Styves stands for Crytek's Styves, right? Or you are just new in the modding scene and don't even know that Styves has already released the shaders