5 Reasons Why It's A Great Time To Be A PS3 Owner

Matt from Drop Bear Gaming shares the five reasons why he thinks the tail end of 2011 is a great time to pick up a PS3 if you don't have one.

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stonecold32587d ago

got ps3 on day 1 and have over 154 ps3 games already since launch ps3 rocks.

rabidpancakeburglar2587d ago

154? Bloody hell. I had a number similar to that on the PS2 but this gen I've had about 50 overall, some of which were stolen (along with a PS3) and others which I traded in or gave to friends. I think I only have about 15 PS3 games now.

yesmynameissumo2587d ago

I have 35 retail and 31 PSN. Bought a 60GB at launch and am watching Netflix on it as I type this. Just finished playing my $4.99 copy MotorStorm Apocalypse on it too. I love this damn system.

NukaCola2587d ago

Sony has been delivering since 1996 for me. I don't know why anyone who calls themselves a gamer not own one. I have played about 70 retail games or so on it and about 40 plus PSN titles, over 20 minis, a half dozen of PS One classics and use it for everything. I enjoy some of the exclusives on 360 and Wii, but the PS3 has been the system of choice for me this gen.

calibann2587d ago

''I don't know why anyone who calls themselves a gamer not own one.''

Being a gamer is about playing the games YOU enjoy on the console YOU enjoy most and not giving two sh*ts about what anyone says about it.

irepbtown2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I've had my PS3 for well over 3 years. Got the 80gb when it was brand new and man was it a good buy.
Spent £500 on it day one. In todays money for you Americans, that would be $779 however back then the pound (£) was extremely stronger meaning it would most like have been around the $900 area.

Got Bad company, GTA IV, MGS4, several controllers, I cant even remember the rest.
Hasn't let me down, EVER.

PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, haven't missed one and i'm sure that I wont miss the PS Vita :)

guitarded772587d ago

I have 3 PS3's and 2 360's... 150+ PS3 retail 200+ PSN, Mini and PS1 Classics. Sadly, my original fat died last night... I went and bought a second slim today and installed my 750gb drive into it. Now I get to spend the holiday downloading and installing. Luckily I have the cloud saves for many of my games... unluckily I didn't have my Skyrim save backed up to cloud (dumbass me). Anyway, I've never regretted buying my original PS3 day one... people complained about the initial price, but the entertainment value I got out of it was unreal (RIP fatty)... For those just getting their first PS3 this holiday, I wish you many hours of fun filled gaming.

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moparful992587d ago

In total I've purchased close to 50 ps3 retail copies and 10 or so from psn.. I love my ps3 and now that psn is central to my gaming life I couldn't imagine playing on anything but a playstation... Cannot wait for my vita to get here and then the ps4... :D

Hanif-8762587d ago

It has always been the best console this generation!

rezzah2587d ago

I, along with my brothers, own over 80.

zeeshan2587d ago

Stolen??? You stole? Wtf?

YoungKingDoran2587d ago

i think he means stolen FROM him.
i think.
*shifty eyes*

TVippy2587d ago

Why do PS3 fanboys need to reassure themselves each day (saw countless articles with this name) that PS3 is so gooood?

asmerith2587d ago

I didn't write it to reassure myself, I wrote it to share the features that I enjoy with people who might not know about them. I realise everyone on N4G knows them already but that's beside the point. I own both systems and like them both for their own reasons.

clearelite2587d ago

TVippy, it's called gratitude and acknowledgement.

Biggest2587d ago

It's also called "Totally missed those articles saying the same things about the 360 and Kinect AND Wii".

BluEx6102587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I'm a PS3 fan but not a fanboy. I don't like PS3 just cuhz it's Playstation logo, I like it cuhz it's the ultimate multimedia center. Gaming, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Web-Browser, PS Home, and PS Plus etc... I have both consoles, but if PS3 stopped announcing exclusives and mostly supported PS Move, I would stop being a fan of PS3.

Mad cuhz I can list more than 4 AAA exclusives?

PS3: LBP 1-2, UC 1-3, Infamous 1-2, Motorstorm 1-3, KZ 2-3, Resistance 1-3, MGS 4, GoW III, Socom 4, Heavy Rain, Heavenly Sword, GT5, Modnation, MLB the Show, Yakuza 3-4, Sorcery, The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal, Agent, FF vs XIII, The Last of Us, and plenty of PSN/HD Remakes. Plenty of other games missing.

Xbox: Gears of War 3, Forza, Halo, and Kinect games. Don't need an Xbox to play Gears 1-2, Fable, Alan Wake. LOL at that list.

Sorry to offend MS Fans/Fanboys. Please just don't bash me; present your argument with your opinions/facts. We are adults here, so debate reasonably. =P

All in all I'm glad we got a console war, it just makes Sony try harder to keep their fanbase happy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow gamers.

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DarkBlood2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

damn you i only got 70 ps3 games,14 ps1 Download games and 8 psn games :P well thats about to change

i know i'll be getting dukem nukem for 10 bucks new on boxing day but i wont know what other deals i'll find for all of my gaming systems lol

happy holidays eh

TBM2587d ago

I own all 3 consoles, but my ps3 gets more play time because of the great varied exclusives, free online when i decide to play, use of apps like netflix which i only pay netflix to use, and true HD movies on Blu Ray.

i don't buy into the crappy casual motion games thats being pushed on my other 2 consoles. they also lack the variety in exclusives i look for. i can honestly say with the next round of consoles the main one I'll be purchasing is Sony. the new nintendo system I'll probably buy a full year after its release. as for Microsoft next system i won't purchase it because of lack of variety, and we all know most of us gamers (%80) purchase consoles for their exclusives. i view 3rd part games as bonuses.

Holeran2587d ago

150 PS3 games here also. Ps3 has had a very good run in my opinion. I still have 148 original x-box games all in thier case with manuals as well, still being played by my children and ready for my grand kids to sell when they may be worth something down the line.

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DonaldBeck2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

reliable hardcore hardware
free online
web browser
ps plus

Metal Gear Solid 4

God Of War 3

Uncharted 3

Twisted Metal

Infamous 2


Killzone 3

Demons Souls

Heavy Rain

Littlebigplanet 2

Heavenly Sword

Mlb the Show 11

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Gran turismo 5

The Last Guardian

Splinter Cell HD collection

Payday The Heist.



The Last Of Us

Valkria Chronicals

Sly 4

White Knight Chronicals

And there is plenty more...

rabidpancakeburglar2587d ago

Your inability to spell chronicles is taking a sledgehammer to my need of correct spelling.

Hicken2587d ago

But you overlooked Valkyria? Or making Little Big Planet one word?

I kid... kinda-sorta. If you're gonna knock someone on their spelling, then go all the way and don't leave anything out.

Otherwise, don't even bother. Not trying to be a dick. Just sayin'.

asmerith2587d ago

Technically LittleBigPlanet is supposed to be one word :P

rabidpancakeburglar2587d ago

I can ignore the other stuff because it doesn't stick out as much as "Chronicals" does.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2587d ago

Really man? Valkyria's typography error sticks out a lot more IMO.

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spacedelete2587d ago

did you really need to make a list ? it makes you seem desperate to try defending a piece of plastic.

TheDivine2587d ago

Oh yea man your turning me on.

Square, Circle, Triangle, R3, L3, Bluray, Cell, Tokyo Jungle, PS2 REMASTERS, PS HOME, SPLINTER CELL COLLECTION, NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY oh no im losing it, ps move, EYE PET, OH YEA SORCERY AHHH!!!! Thanx bro whos up next?

Nykamari2587d ago

Backwards capability really! I used it very little bit of time. No biggie, ps 2 classics will take its place.

Why o why2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I know my type of games will continue to be supported. Not with just 1s and 2s but 5s and 6s like every year since it released. Some dont have the capacity to play/buy a large number of games but i do so i kinda like having more choice be it multi or exclusive

Funky Town_TX2587d ago

I would say the first playstation was more ground breaking.

The blu-ray player is good and GOW3 is great.

hiredhelp2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Yeh fantastic system. But ground breaking... I would have to give that to the dreamcast.
True 128bit graphics virtual memory cards and built in internet.

But yes blu-ray has open doors to devs. Free online play just like ps2 is always a win win.
Kratos would be proud. Why did they kill him off whyyyyy ,or did they........

Biggest2587d ago

Who ever said it was groundbreaking? Although, it is. The PS3 helped usher in a new media format. That is the definition of groundbreaking.


WiiStation_3602587d ago

I like playstation AND xbox :D