Editorial: What's The PS3's Reputation These Days?

More than five years after the system first launched in North America, how does the typical gamer view the PlayStation 3? Has it undergone a drastic reputation change?

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stonecold32493d ago

good read i think ps3 will at least go another few more years yet but the other 2 consoles no

yesmynameissumo2493d ago

They've done a great job getting past the insulting launch price and PSN hack fiasco. Ultimately, I game and they have given me some great games to play. Everything else (Netflix, Vudu, Hulu+, NFL, etc) are bonuses.

DonaldBeck2493d ago

playstation has always had the best rep.because its the best.

MAiKU2492d ago

I think it's pretty damn admirable seeing sony's playstation brand where it is today after going through a horrible PS3 launch and breech of security years later.

They proved that they can pull themselves back up and keep the game going.

_Aarix_2491d ago

Its simply amazing how in 5 years, its turned from an expensive, gameless blu-ray player that people like to rip and hate on, to a amazing experience filled with 1st party exclusives with quality content and games galore. They preservered nice especially with the psn hack and sticking with blu ray benefited them greatly in the long run.