Naruto Generations: 75 Playable Characters, 15 Support, Online Features

Namco Bandai Games America has confirmed 90 total characters in the game and new online features like a lobby with voice chat.

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tayz2765d ago

i ma going craaaazy here! this game just keeps getting better by the day!

young juice2764d ago

it reminds me of dbz tenkaichi s era

Chapulin2764d ago

1: Naruto
2: Naruto (shipp.)
3: Naruto (sage)
4: Sasuke
5: Sasuke (Hebi)
6: Sasuke (akatsuki)
7: Sasuke (kirin)
8: Sasuke (taka)
9: Sakura
10: Sakura (shipp.)
11: Kakashi
12: Kakashi (gaiden)
13: Obito
14: Saï
15: Yamato
16: Minato
17: Hiruzen
18: Orochimaru
19: Jiraiya
20: Jiraiya (sage)
21: Tsunade
22: Danzô
23: Hashirama
24: Tobimaru
25: Suigetsu
26: Jûgo
27: Karin :s
28: Kabuto
29: Gaï
30: Asuma
31: Zabuza
32: Haku
33: Chyo Ba
34: Gaara
35: Gaara (shipp.)
36: Kankurô
37: Kankurô (shipp.)
38: Temari
39: Temari (shipp.)
40: Shikamaru
41: Shikamaru (shipp.)
42: Neji
43: Neji (shipp.)
44: Shino
45: Shino (shipp.)
46: Lee
47: Lee (shipp.)
48: Kiba
49: Kiba (shipp.)
50: Hinata
51: Hinata (shipp.)
52: Tenten
53: Tenten (shipp.)
54: Ino
55: Ino (shipp.)
56: Chôji
57: Chôji (shipp.)
58: Raikage
59: Mei
60: Onoki
61: Bee
62: Pain
63: Konan
64: Sasori
65: Deidara
66: Itachi
67: Kisame
68: Kakuzu
69: Hidan
70: Tobi
71: Kimimaro
72: Sakon/Ukon
73: Kidômaru
74: Jirobo
75: Tayuya

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2764d ago

Awww... no Omoi or Karui? That's lame.

Berserk2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

no got

NovusTerminus2765d ago

That is is, but I do wish they would make it so you could equip Justu to chatacters like in the Narutimate Hero games, I know plot wise, having Hinata with the Chidori did not make much sense, but it was still fun.

tayz2765d ago

i never played the Narutimate Hero only Storm. you could equip items?

NovusTerminus2765d ago

Yep. Not Ultimate's, but you could shuffle attacks up, hell you could have Rock Lee with Itachi's fireball jutsu.

It was awesome.

trenso12764d ago

Couldn't you customize Justus in ultimate ninja 1-3 on ps2 as well? I wish they would bring back longer ultimates and clashes back. Being able to catch some one in an ultimate and they have no way to cancel or reduce damage is a bit cheat.

NovusTerminus2764d ago

Narutimate Hero = Ultimate Ninja

Narutimate Hero is just the Japanese name for it.

BC2765d ago

Hopefully it won't turn into the DBZ games a lot of characters and no actually moves.(Unless it was a main character.)

Lord_Sloth2765d ago

Agreed. My favorite DBZ character is Raditz and he got the shaft when it came to moved beyond the Budokai series.

theonlylolking2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Double sunday! Saturday crush!

trenso12764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Budokai was the best IMO havent bought a DBZ game since tenkaichi 1

DragonKnight2764d ago

Here's my question. Why haven't they made a Naruto RPG yet? One where you can create your own ninja, pick an elemental affinity at the start, and start on your career as a shinobi. Maybe working together with series stars like Naruto or Kakashi and stuff. I mean, how long until you can say "oh look, another Naruto fighting game?"

TXIDarkAvenger2764d ago

Well, Naruto Path of the Ninja is an RPG game. But you play as the cast of Naruto not your own ninja.

I still agree tho. Naruto RPG on consoles would be awesome.

maniacmayhem2764d ago

75 characters? Sounds like most will have some generic moves. But it's still interesting, I still want to know how you would play of fight against Tobi.

TXIDarkAvenger2764d ago

I hope every character is unique. Cause if this ends up like DBZ with almost the same move list for every character, its going to suck.