PlayStation Vita Gives Life & Style to PSN ID Gamer Card

A lot of you may find the gamer card on the PlayStation Network a little bit too dull. With its bland color options, PS3 owners who also have an Xbox 360 may say that PSN’s gamercard is rather boring. While it’s a fact, Vita owners has a way to give it life and colors that will please everyone’s eyes.

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GraveLord2543d ago

Looks great. Wish they updated the PS3 gamercards...improving the loading times would be great too!

Joule2543d ago

The PS3 needs a massive firmware update

Abash2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Actually it doesnt, the XMB has evolved a lot since the PS3 launched. I just dont think the PS3 is built to have a massive interface redesign and when next gen is so close it'd be pointless.

But the PlayStation Vita's interface is just getting me excited for how awesome the next PlayStation console's interface will be

DigitalRaptor2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@ Abash

The Vita's interface has been designed for touch screen usage. It does look sweet, but the PS4's interface will probably be a refined, more glamorous version of XMB, since you can't interact with a touch screen interface on a home console. Well, not unless you're using the PlayStation Eye.

I'm sure its interface and OS memory management will be much better than PS3's though.

Diver2542d ago

next gen really isnt that close. 2 years but i agree. leave the core of the xmb alone. it works. i can find exactly what i am looking for.

SweatyFlorida2542d ago

The Ps3 needs a Ps4 actually 'o'

Oldman1002542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

They need to rework the interface so that it compliments both the dualshock and ps move. In the XMB's current state, you can't even view all the pages of your profile using the move controller.

thawind2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Badly Need an update

King_many_layers2542d ago

I don't see how anybody could disagree with that personally.

The whole Ps interface is out of touch with where interfaces are heading. It's overly cluttered and lacks any real personality.
The Xbox's new dashboard is proof that a system can be organised and look great. Yes it has some strange decisions, such as which item's come first, but overall it's a natural progression of what the Xmb is.

left to right for specific areas, then down to your choices, with some style thrown in.

Also. I hope for them to incorporate no grey. Grey is ugly, period.

jeseth2542d ago

The Vita is looking better and better. I wasn't going to get one at all, now I'm really tempted.

It looks awesome

blumatt2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

LOL How can you say the PS3's XMB is "cluttered"??? It's as simplistic as you can get. If anything, the Xbox Dashboard is the one that's cluttered...with advertisements.

OT, I'm glad Sony is giving the Vita's gamercards a little bit of a makeover. I'm sure the PS4 will have all the Vita's features and more.

King_many_layers2542d ago

yeah, it's simplistic but I stand by it being cluttered.

I feel it's messy in terms of presentation. Compare it to the Ps store for example. the more constructed placement allows it to obtain a nice presentation, whilst keeping the funtionality a priority (as with all things, there's room for improvement still.

The XMB is simplicity at it's core and this is great, but the appearance is lacklustre when compared to areas such as the store.
I don't own an Xbox but I do feel the dashboard is much stronger in terms of presentation.

gatormatt802542d ago

I just have a strong feeling we're going to see the PS4 possibly next holiday season. I just don't see Sony giving MS a head start on the next gen
again. And I would bet that Sony is going to do everything in their power to get the jump on MS next gen

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Gamer19822542d ago

Who cares about gamercards? If you care more about gamercards then games then you got something wrong with you. Yeah its nice they look better on psv but how long do you actually spend looking at them? A few seconds a day if that?

FACTUAL evidence2542d ago

I'm still waiting for a psn ID change feature.......I also wonder if vita can send voice messages?.....maybe not because you can still interact with ps3 users.

StraightPath2542d ago

Xmb update ba dly needed after xbox update made it look like a disgrace.

demetre722542d ago

Definitely does Ps3 interface lacks any creativity

And this has been like that since launch Bland boring interface ..

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KillerPwned2543d ago

Feb 22 needs to come now....

Tony-A2543d ago

^ Truth

I hope COD Vita comes out within at least a few months of the US/UK launch (although I doubt it).

Something about being able to play Call of Duty anywhere gets me pumped, even if I'm not that into it on home consoles. That might sell them quite a few units.

PS: The more I see the UI, the more I love it!

LettingGo2543d ago

Try February 15th. ;) First edition!

Tony-A2542d ago

I might do that for the sake of getting it sooner. haha

Half-Mafia2542d ago

my guess would be the COD version for Vita is going to be the COD that comes out in NOV.

killasder2543d ago

i slept with the vita in my dreams last night lol.

Tonester9252543d ago

When the PSP Go came out Sony updated the PS3 to look like the PSP Go with the "sparkly" background. I believe this change will happen on the PS3 as well.

Waffle2543d ago

Meh, I like the simplistic look. I don't an image in my PSN ID's background. It looks too cluttered.

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