Gamerevolution: Biggest Disappointment of 2011

Maybe it's the track record Rockstar Games has or the seven years it took to develop L.A. Noire, but something ended up souring my experience. Maybe it was the pacing or the stiff cardboard bodies that seemed disconnected from the facial motion capture. Maybe it was the lifeless world or the insanity of protagonist Cole Phelps. Maybe it was the horrible ending or the fact that the gameplay grew incredibly stale after the first playthrough. Maybe it was all of these things.

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DaveMan2587d ago

L.A Noire gets to much hate. Many games don't get it COMPLETELY right on there first go (assassins creed 1, uncharted 1) yet they tend to get a free-er pass than L.A Noire.

L.a NOire had flaws, but it was still one of the most innovative games of 2011.

Philoctetes2587d ago

Innovative graphics, but incredibly boring and repetitive gameplay IMO. I have to agree that this was a seriously disappointing game.

Oh and by the say, Uncharted 1 was stellar.

DaveMan2587d ago

It was fine in my opinion (the gameplay that is).

To me, L.A Noire was different. IT created a mature and adult narrative (that didn't always hit the marks), that embelished a very authentic cinematic flair (mostly to do with the mo-cap)

The 40's LA created a beautiful atmosphere, and there were definitely some certain setpieces (like hunting for that cerial killer at the church, or the final mission at the creepy farm house) that created an incredible haunting atmosohere.

Also the music is top notch as well. Again, I'm not saying it doesn't have flaws. It does, PLENTY of them. But L.A Noire was easily the most UNIQUE game this year that strived to do something different, to tell something different (a detective story in this case).

I applaud to Team Bondi for that, and am very eager to see what Rockstar will do with the sequel.

jspencep2587d ago

LA Noire is far from the most disappointing games of the year. I mean, look at the review scores alone. Duke Nukem had even more hype and was far worse. I get it if LA Noire wasn't your thing, but to say it was the most disappointing game of 2011 is flat out wrong.

Vynzent2586d ago

Well the only thing that made Rage a bad game was the lack of reall story telling.

The graphics were fine, the gameplay was decent, and the buggy-as-hell release doesn't really show what the game itself is.

The game is great, and I am also waiting on DLC information.