Gamerevolution: Best Fighting Game 2011

Anthony Severino: I’d love to just say “It’s fucking Mortal Kombat”, drop the mic and be done with my blurb. But Mortal Kombat deserves so much more than that. After many, many, sub-par releases, NetherRealm Studios took a nod from Street Fighter IV and returned to its gloriously gory 2D roots. The end result is nothing short of a flawless victory for the franchise and for long-time fans alike.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I love how it isn't even listed as a runner up yet Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 reared it's ugly head.....

jetlian2493d ago

ultimate is pretty good. Even more so with the heroes and heralds dlc(free)

I feel KOF13 is the smoothest and most well balanced(character wise) Online for both is totally based on opponents connection. Ive had good and bad on both.

MK just doesn't flow well. WWE is that really considered a fighter?