PS Vita The death of the Manual.... Unboxing and Breakdown

RIP game manuals, getting started guides and anything that added weight to boxes.

We check the PS Vita out and see if this unit is actually worth your time. Please be aware this is our first look. More to come.

But to sum it up I give this 10 Sony PSP's out of 5 Atari Jaguars.... I like it.

The Vita unit was imported from Japan and it was updated to system ver 1.5

There is actually an error you face when you update maybe I'll talk about it later.

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Half-Mafia2494d ago

This is a good thing, cause manuals are a waste of paper. The Vita has digital manuals in the Live Area of a game. The last time i looked at a game manual was about 7 years ago when my mum took me to get PES and on the way back in the car i was looking through the manual cause i couldnt play the game until i got home.

MasterCornholio2494d ago

Now the manuals are in digital format. Now is that so bad?


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2493d ago
fingercramp2491d ago

=( I hate recycling.....yeah your right