2011's Biggest Gaming Let Downs

2011 was another year of amazing gaming experiences and, for me and select other gamers, it passed virtually without issue. Unfortunately, many others seem to have gotten the short end of the pointy gaming stick. In other words, even though 2011 offered some of the greatest games released this gen, a few screw-ups, mishaps, let downs and straight-up bad decisions made some gamers feel like the industry’s only real goal was to get them to grab their proverbial ankles. Without further adieu – and in no particular order – we present the most defining video game letdowns of 2011.

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jimineyscrickets2543d ago

Frankly, I'm surprised at a few of these selections. Some of the others were clear choices.

Gotta say, at the risk of being unpopular, that most of these were pretty spot on.

lorianguy2543d ago

I'd agree, also at the risk of being unpopular, that these were accurate. At least in my eyes.

SilentNegotiator2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I speak my mind w/o giving a crap about what anyone thinks,
and I agree with these selections.

Kinect hasn't shown that it has potential to be anything but a dance machine. DNF was NOTHING like the old games and was really poorly designed. Skyrim/Dead Island had a very buggy launch. And worst of all, PSN was down for almost a month!

The only other thing I can really think of is seeing Last Guardian get pushed back into next year, but I know it's probably for the best.

Lord_Sloth2543d ago

Was I the only person not having high expectations from the Kinect to begin with and am I the only person who didn't care about the PSN outage because I mostly play single player anyway?

lorianguy2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I too had low expectations for the kinect. Motion controls in general are unappealing to the casual market and a full-body controller that doesn't always work 100% isn't going to be either.That and the fact that there is a limit on what can be done with it.
It's fun for a while but the novelty soon wears off and you go back to the pad, same with the move.

The PSN outage was pretty big for me though. As a usual PlayStation player I often play online games in long sessions. When I couldn't I went out and bought the two Bad Companies and played through their campaigns. After that I borrowed an Xbox simply to play online. It feels weird playing on your own these days.

dinkeldinkse2543d ago

Not getting GOTY is the biggest gaming let down for this year.

Btw, why is anyone let down about Skyrim's bugs and glitches? Have you not played any of Bethesda's games?

It's a let down that nearly all the quests of the major questlines are an absolute bore and the retarded difficulty spikes.

Tony P2543d ago

Well, if you heard some of the pre-release talk for Skyrim, they made it sound like they were putting a lot of extra effort into QA.

I don't think gamers have yet realized that you can't trust shit the devs say on camera these days.

spektical2543d ago

spot on .. all the choices are correct. while i was still playing offline coop on killzone 3.. not having online really was a huge blow to SONY. Kinect's lack of games is devastating for the core market.

Skyrim becomes a slideshow on the ps3 which warrants no GOTY, and dead island was not as bad but had some of the most obscure glitches/bugs out there.

FrigidDARKNESS2543d ago

Playstation Move should be at the top of that list. Developers have completely abandoned it and migrated over to Kinect.

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