UK PlayStation Vita Memory Cards Officially Priced, Missing 32GB Model

Sony officially prices UK PlayStation Vita Memory Cards, games and accessories.

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-Mika-2588d ago

No it not since this article list the official prices for the cards.

CynicalVision2588d ago

Yeah, I was actually going to report this as a duplicate until I saw the prices.

blaaah2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

That's expensive as f***! Time to wait till the prices drop...

farhad2k82585d ago

Thank god I purchased the 16GB for £17.99 when Amazon glitched the prices, I just hope they stick to it and don't refund my money haha

GribbleGrunger2587d ago

seriously Sony, why on earth would you not release the 32BG card over here?! WHY? it makes no sense at all

tiffac0082587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I'm guessing stock issues? There has been reports that the 16GB and 32GB have stock constraints in Japan. No idea why the EU got the short end of the stick though since the US will be getting them. :/

@Titanz (below)

Console prices always go down, the same question was asked during the launch of the 360 and especially the PS3 because of the price compared to the previous gen consoles. So this worry about pricing is only temporary not permanent.

Also gamers buy consoles for the games not for the each alone. If the games are there the core market will be there as well.

GribbleGrunger2587d ago

i suppose stock issues could be one possible explanation but with the US getting them, that suggests that Sony are deliberately favouring the US. i know America is the one place they are desperate to make more headway in but i still think it's unfair. i have always had Sony consoles, but sometimes (and it is rarely) they do something like this and it really does annoy me.

Titanz2587d ago

When everythings said and done - you're basically buying a PS3 console. I'm gonna ask a question, though I want a honest reply.

Do you believe the Vita is consumer friendly?
Will the mass market purchase a Vita, or is just for the tech savvy crowd?

I understand that it is good hardware, but I can buy a modern gaming console (Xbox 360, PS3) that is technologically superior, for a cheaper price.

Of course with the Vita - you'll have to take handheld gaming, an OLED screen,control sticks, and a touch screen into consideration.

It just seems like a lot of money, to me.

LettingGo2587d ago

Honestly, I believe it is consumer friendly. It's up to Sony to market it that way though. Call of Duty with full online support will pull in a massive crowd if Sony lets everyone know it exists. I'd say gamers in general are at least interested in this.

cloud4952587d ago

Well, I think it's just for the hardcore gamers/ tech savvy crowd at the moment. But in the future when the price becomes much cheaper it will be for the mass market.

badz1492587d ago

shouldn't you be asking if it's gamer friendly instead? why would you care so much if the public buy it or not? at the moment, Vita is all a gamer would want from a handheld? maybe the browser as I heard it's a bit slow.

Vita, unlike the iPhone for example, is catering to a very specific crowd, which is the gamers and if games are what you're after, get Vita!

stevenhiggster2587d ago

I think it'll be like most gadgets, it'll only really be the tech savvy who buy it at first but then through marketing and word of mouth every mofo will buy one :-)

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LettingGo2587d ago

Please tell me Vita games will only cost up to $40 in the US!!! PLEASE!

MasterCornholio2587d ago

Vita games will cost 26$ if you buy them digitally.


LettingGo2587d ago

Buying Sandisk brand when they come out.

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