Gametrailers: Best Third-Person Shooter 2011

Gametrailers: The encompassing action of the third-person perspective continued in stride this year, but which title can claim the throne of GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards' Best Third-Person Shooter?

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waltyftm2543d ago

Started playing the single player again yesterday, still blown away.

StrongMan2543d ago

I have all 3 Uncharted games platinumed.

DigitalRaptor2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

It's about time for another playthrough on my end too!

Love the game. Very well deserved!

Dante1122543d ago

Congrats to ND! Can't believe it beat GeOW3.

Buzz7S2543d ago

By your logic, the last Tomb Raider game is "queen", because that's all Uncharted is - a clone of Tomb Raider.

Why o why2543d ago

Buzz weak that opinion is. Tomb raider definitely influenced naughty dog but thats about dude. Stop being a kill joy bitter and give props where they're due

Silly gameAr2543d ago

Gee Buzz, Wonder what you'll say about the new Tomb Raider when it comes out? hmmm....

Titanz2543d ago

I'm patiently awaiting its launch.

Silly gameAr2543d ago

So am I. It looks like it's going to be a great reboot of the series. I wasn't trying to insult Tomb Raider or anything. Naughty Dog may have used Tomb Raider as an influence for Uncharted, but to call it a clone is ignorant.

It looks like the reboot may have an Uncharted influence, and there's nothing wrong with that. Great games should influence devs to make the best games that they can.

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DonaldBeck2543d ago

Naughty Dog deserve it. They made on e hell of a game.

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silkrevolver2543d ago

Oh, what ever could have won?

kramun2543d ago

Dead Space 2 was robbed. It was the best of the year.

omi25p2542d ago

At least Dead Space 2's story made sense. Uncharted seemed to have 3 different storys running at the same time and not one was properly finished.

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The story is too old to be commented.