Resident Evil: Revelations & Uncharted: Golden Abyss [Graphics Comparison]

This is a great comparison video, made by requests from us gamers. It shows us the best looking games on both the Nintendo 3DS & PS Vita. The creators of the video have put these two great looking games side by side to prove that both systems are fantastic & both have awesome games coming! If you have a 3DS ENJOY IT! If your getting a PS Vita ENJOY IT when you get it! If you plan to own both, then ENJOY THEM!! Happy gaming!!

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sloth33954292d ago

whats the point of comparing 2 different games wouldnt be better to compare the same game on both systems

MadMax4292d ago

How could they do that? They are both exclusives, so they are taking the best from both systems. In term of graphics they both look the same! 3DS is a great system, Ace Combat, Williams Pinball, Nano Assault, Dead or Alive etc. Just great games!!!

Titanz4292d ago

A lot of 3rd party developers, "half-@ss" multiplatform games on the 3DS (Fifa 12 for example).

Vita is more powerful than the 3DS, but it isn't a, "PSP - NDS" scenario.

Matrix2k4292d ago

its exactly a psp-ds scenerio

Bull5hifT4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Ds=N64 PSP=between dreamcast & PS2 , 3Ds = between Gamecube & Xbox Vita= between 360 & PS3 soo like a gen Behind.. But hell even call of duty looks alright on the Wii its really hard to compare cause resolution on 3ds is 800x200 and Vita is like 960x640 soo like triple the amount of pixels to fill , i love my PS: Vita it is soo amazingly built , i love how deep the blacks get, i cant wait to convert an Hd Version of The Dark Knight, it reminds me of my aunts Plasma and how Bright the explosions are against the blacks

Il_Exile_lI4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

I don't know where this commonly held idea that the PS3 is so much more powerful than the 360 comes from, but it is inaccurate. They both have their pros and cons, and the Vita is not really on the level of either of them, hardware wise. It's definitely ahead of the Wii and last generation systems, but its not on the level of current gen hardware.

Jio4292d ago

People are going to watch this video and think "the 3DS has graphics as good as the Vita's" when they don't understand the difference between graphical power and graphical capabilities. The 3DS can generate great lighting, like revelations, but the textures are like plastic if you look closer. The 3DS is capable of great graphics but it's not that powerful.

Inception4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Two different games from two different dev, with totally different engine, and different platform. Also, the comparison is from "3DSforums.com"? DOH, who approve this shite?! -_-

user8586214292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Wow! 3DS pulling off some amazing graphics

already 3 disagrees, yes we know 3DS is an amazing handheld with great looking exclusives but no need to be insecure lol

Optical_Matrix4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Gotta hand it to the 3DS, can pump out some great visuals. I pre-ordered Resident Evil Revelations last week from Zavvi. This is for those of you who live in the UK. Although I don't like that Circle Pad Pro, Zavvi are offering the Resi-Revelations/Circle Pad Pro bundle for £29.99 which is a steal imo. So It's worth checking out because you're essentially getting a free circle pad. Would never pay money for it personally.

I tried out Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 today on my friends Vita. Despite this comparison, and 3DS clearly being able to pump out good visuals, UMvC was evidence that visually, Vita destroys the 3DS. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

mcstorm4292d ago

The for that I've just pre ordered it.

Wow I know the psv has more power then the 3ds but res looks amazing and just shows what power the 3ds has. I am a big fan of the 3ds Mario 3ds and Mario kart 7 are amazing games and do justice to the 3d side of the 3ds. But I can't aso wait to get my hands on a psv when it is out later on this year looks an interesting machine and in a way I'm glad the 3ds and psv are going different ways as give me a reason to own both of them.