Digital Foundry vs. Gameplay Capture

Eurogamer: For PC owners, recording game footage is a piece of cake. You buy FRAPS or check out a free alternative (like the intriguing MSI Afterburner) and a few mouse clicks later you're on your way. But what are the cheapest options for console enthusiasts looking to capture their gameplay on a budget?

Digital Foundry's entry-level recommendation is the Blackmagic Intensity Pro, readily available for around £130-£150. There are alternatives of course, which we'll cover later, and the Blackmagic tech has a series of limitations that could put some people off, but for the average gamer simply looking to record his own gameplay, upload to YouTube or archive off for future reference, the Intensity Pro will do just fine - as long as it's configured correctly.

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BakedGoods2495d ago

This article should be changed to Digital Foundry vs Lens of Truth, and why DF is better.

CBaoth2495d ago

If any gamer actually cared about the superior version of a multi-plat, you'd have a PC then.

I know plenty of people who have multiple consoles and not one of them checks either of those garbage sites to see which version they should buy. They buy 3rd party IPs for whatever system they and their friends prefer and just the exclusives for the other. It's simple really.

gamingdroid2495d ago

What does this article have to do with LoT?

Soul Train2495d ago

If that's the case I think the title should be:

"How a million dollar website gets their a$$es kicked by a poor independent website with a budget capture card on every comparison, and when we do finally get our comparisons out we get the exact same results but have to write 17 more paragraphs of techno babble to get our point across."

Fixed it for ya.