BF3 Dev Responds to Over-Powered FAMAS, Operation Metro on CQ and More

MP1st - Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kert,z shares his thoughts on the FAMAS, Operation Metro on Conquest and discusses Comrose on consoles.

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GraveLord2544d ago

Wow FAMAS is over powered in all games. Black Ops and now Battlefield 3. Maybe the gun is supposed to be over powered? Screw gun balance. Lets have realism instead!

Mister_V2544d ago

Maybe because it's a French gun?

zeeshan2544d ago

Damascus is op? Bunch of idiots. If that were true, everyone would have been playing with Famas.

zeeshan2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Damn t9 dictionary. I meant famas not damascus lol.

jeseth2543d ago

I agree with gravelord.

GUNS ARE DEADLY! All you people crying about realism should want ALL guns to be as deadly as possible because in real life THEY ARE!

Sniper Rifles are one shot kills unless a miracle occurs. And even if you don't die from it you'd be so incapacitated that you would die while trying to hobble to safety. Assault Rifles with 556 NATO rounds .... F'ING deadly as F!

You get shot in a game ... you should die. Unless you get shot in your Kevlar plate.

Criminal2544d ago

Even in Modern Warfare 2.

NeXXXuS2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I stopped using it in MW2 because people kept calling me a "tryhard" whenever I kept winning. I started using the Vector and people still call me "tryhard"... :/

retrofly2543d ago

Yeah even when I used the F2000 in MW2 people would cry :D

SJPFTW2544d ago

it was garbage in COunter Strike now get yourself some rest

Elwenil2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It was overpowered and over used as far back as Raven Shield if I remember correctly.

RememberThe3572544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It's not over powered IMO. It just unlocks way too easily. 10 revives and 10 heal for a gun that good? All that does is make it a newb gun. It really should have been one of the last guns you unlock in the assault class not the first gun you get from assignments.

Besides I like the KH2002.

Spitfire_Riggz2544d ago

I agree, for being such a great gun it should have been a second tier unlock. Too bad the L85a2 is pretty good as well.

zeeshan2543d ago

I think it is a business strategy. Give ppl Famas and make others Want to have that gun and to get that you need to buy DLC.

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WetN00dle692544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

WOW.........and the babies will continue bitching!
First the anti-air and AT weapons and IR scope. Fcked those two up quite nicely. Now the FAMAS. I wonder what else they will bitch about next?

Spitfire_Riggz2544d ago

Its ridiculous there are plenty of guns as good or better than the FAMAS.

The only thing I like about the FAMAS is its burst fire mode. Its the best, even besting the M16a4 and An Akaban..

AEK, F2000, L85A2 are guns that I use to beat the FAMAS.

Kinggger2544d ago

agreed for L85! the memories of the IW from socom alone makes me wanna use it all the time

Panthers2544d ago

Ah the IW from Socom. Talk about an OP gun. Hell your own teammates would vote you out for using it. Ah I miss the Socom community. Never had anything like it since.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2544d ago

In his latest dialogue with Battlefield fans, he mentioned some changes he had in mind for weapon balance; specifically, attachments. “Working on rebalancing foregrip, heavy barrel, silencer, and flash suppressor. Less OP combos and more interesting choices is the goal.”

Alan Kertz thinks it is overpowered too. If not so then he would not consider so many changes, don' t you think?

Statix2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I use the Famas a lot myself, and even I think it's overpowered. Am I a whiny baby also? Face the facts, sometimes things need to be re-balanced if something is flawed or overpowered. No game is perfect.

And no, F2000 does not beat the Famas. I use both, and the Famas simply kills faster, and has more range than the F2000. The only thing the F2000 might be better than the Famas in is maybe SLIGHTLY less recoil. MAYBE slightly.

SweatyFlorida2544d ago

Yah I'm not a complainer at all and am not complaining now, but I do get beat by Famas users a LOT, like making 1/4 of my deaths just from that gun. It's power is especially apparent when I go head to head with them, full health, I get the first shot off but then just die to the extreme speed and power of the thing.

Am I asking for a nerf, no. Would a nerf be nice? yes :) Still, DICE has been listening to crybabies since BF3 launched :/ There's plenty of other problems to fix then just weapons, weapons, weapons! Stuff like not being able to jump over a 2 ft rail in metro is annoying as hell -_-

Spitfire_Riggz2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Wrong, the FAMAS has more range but the F2000 destroys it in close quarters.

(I also added that those are guns I...I use to beat it. If you guys suck with it not my problem! Lmao sorry trolling is fun)

Also stated AS GOOD OR BETTER. You lose good day sir.

Statix2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )


F2000 "destroys it in close quarters?" Could you be more vague?

Like I said, the one, solitary thing I might give the F2000 is that it jumps up slightly less in full auto, making it slightly easier to hipfire. But the difference is really negligible. Famas simply kills faster, both at long range, and in close quarters. The time-to-kill performance of the Famas is simply better.

I've used both guns extensively. After a long period of exclusively using the Famas, I decided to switch back to the F2000 on Operation Metro just for kicks. I was shocked at how many bullets it took to kill somebody compared to the Famas. I got so used to killing people so quickly w/ the Famas that I did a double-take w/ the F2000, letting go of the trigger too early because I thought I killed the guy. The difference in time-to-kill is just that noticeable.

It's not that you can't beat the Famas w/ an F2000. I can beat the Famas w/ a REX revolver if I had to, in the right situation. I'm just speaking objectively in terms of weapon balance. Many people already thought the F2000 was OP, and the Famas takes it up yet another notch. There's a reason you rarely see anyone use the F2000 anymore. It seems like every Assault-class player traded it in for the Famas.

eak32544d ago

I dont use the FAMAS for a couple of reasons. First being it starts out with the 12x scope and my playing style doesn't cater at all to scopes. The standard iron sights on the FAMAS suck also as they block pretty much all your vision. So its been frustrating to try using it to unlock sights that I would actually use. 2nd beef is that many times Ive had the drop on people and are currently unloading ammo into them but if they use a FAMAS I usually end up dead as a couple of rounds from it kills you.

Yes lots and lots of people are using it, so that says a lot about its power.

WetN00dle692544d ago

WAHAHAHAHA!! i just noticed that i did not change the number from two to three.......ahh well!!

Hanif-8762544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

@WetN00dle69 No kidding, i can't even use the IR scope even at night in BF3... how screwed up is that!? However, the FAMAS is freaking overpowered though... i mean one burst will kill you. I haven't bought the DLC yet but whenever i kill someone that's got it and take it, i usually never die the entire match afterwards.

WetN00dle692543d ago

Yeah they messed up the IR scope bad! R.I.P my IR scope.........i will no longer be able to spot and kill camping fruitcakes.

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TooTall192544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I hate Operation Metro on CQ. I think it's one of the wost mp maps I have ever played, and will leave the game if I am not playing with friends.

Is the FAMAS really that overpowered? I still like the AEK Assault rifle.

JellyJelly2544d ago

I love that level lol! Always total mayhem around the elevator flag :)

DasBunker2544d ago

i hate all the small maps on CQ or rush.. big clusterfawk,very limited pathways to get to the objective, no vehicles,almost no destruction.. its like they were made for COD fans.. its a pain in the ass to leave the game when bazaar, metro or siege come next.. specially when im having a good game

Statix2544d ago

Metro is enjoyable if you're a kill-whore and have a stacked team in your favor.

retrofly2543d ago

Who plays FPS's and doesn't like kills?

Metro CQ is fine on console with 24 players

Sikct9a2544d ago

I thought the AEK-91 was the strongest.

megacowdung2544d ago

Famas just has a faster fire rate. AEK-971 has a 750 fire rate and Famas has 900.

Mister_V2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It sounds like he might not nerf the FAMAS itself, but nerf the FAMAS with the suppressor and forgrip attachment.

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