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Trendy Gamers: Here we are, the biggest award of the year. To gather up the nominees, we just took the winners of all of the individual awards. While it was obvious that certain games wouldn’t take home the award (Pokemon, Corpse Party), the winner of Game of the Year was still hotly contested.

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kramun2492d ago

Skyrim, the winner again. This year is a tough battle, not like in 2009 when it really wasn't a contest , but a year when a lot of great games were released.

And Skyrim takes it.

Well deserved.

Waffle2492d ago

I don't see why Skyrim would win. I mean what about all of the other buggy/glitchy games? WWE 12 was just as buggy as Skyrim. Then again, I guess Skyrim did manage to beat it for Glitch of the Year.

FFXI1012491d ago

You are right, the game is buggy and glitchy and it is not my GOTY pick. However, to think the scale of this game and what it has to offer to it's fan(or the RPG fans) It is the GOTY to a lot of poeple.

Hicken2491d ago

Fans of the game/series seem to take it as a sleight, but I think the bugs and glitches are a legitimate gripe and SHOULD come into consideration when thinking of GOTY.