Steam Holiday Sale - Day 5 Is Now Live

DSOGaming writes: "The fifth day of Steam’s Holiday Sale has just begun and PC gamers can get some interesting titles with a great discount."

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john22543d ago

For that price? Definitely

Darkfocus2543d ago

do people still play multi? I loved AVP2 multiplayer

john22543d ago

Not sure but for 2.5 bucks it's well worth even for its SP mode

2pacalypsenow2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Yes! rage finaly for 15$

mastershredder2543d ago

Darn it, you just had to point that out. Now I gotta go back on the steam store! :)

Mass Effect 2 for next to nothing too. Glad I waited.

2pacalypsenow2543d ago

i would of gotten ME2 if i didnt have it for the xbox 360

BC2543d ago

Oh wow! I missed the other four days, but I can still pick up Bastion!

kramun2543d ago

Got SH Homecoming, played a bit of it ages ago on ps3 but then I lent it to someone and it was never seen again. Never trust an old friend that has turned into a smackhead.