Nintendo 3DS VS Playstation Vita: Holiday Rumble

The holidays are already among us and I'm sure plenty of you are going to get a nice portable gaming system to play on the road. Nintendo 3DS VS Playstation Vita.

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blumatt2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

The Ninty fans will get a 3DS and the PS fans will get a Vita. lol

The 3DS will appeal to small children and people on a budget, and those Mario and Zelda fans.

The Vita will appeal to anyone and everyone, but the price being a bit higher will turn some parents off. The Vita is moreso meant for a mature audience. However, it has the most potential for gamers since it has cross game chat, a party system, and cross platform gameplay (See Wipeout 2048).

I'm glad Sony made the Vita region free.

-Alpha2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

No they wont, PSVita isn't even coming during Christmas lol

Take away the holiday bit, and the reason to create yet another PSVita/3DS article is gone.

Baka-akaB2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

and fans of both with enough means will get both . I know i would if not for the stupid region lock on one of the two .

CaptainMarvelQ82544d ago

The argument of "X group will get X handheld" is invalid.Because there are people that can't get both and want to see which one is the better investment.

Optical_Matrix2544d ago

No. I'm a fan of games. I got a 3DS at launch, and I'll be doing the same with Vita lol There are loads of us who just want to play good games, and don't care what platform holder makes what.

rexbolt2544d ago

u are aware that the 3ds appeals to everone rigth u statement is silly and some ppl loike haveiing the handheld in the pocket as for the vita im not ever goan bring it anyware cus theres no reason 2 :p as for the 3ds i will keep it in my pocket cus it acully i sworth bringing with you

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GuruStarr782544d ago

How does this garbage even get approved on N4G?

Vita is'nt really even an option outside of Japan, unless you import it, which I can't see alot of people doing for a Christmas present...

not to mention, this writer is terrible and writes like a 3rd grader.

user39039992544d ago

I agree, this is a dumb article. The Vita is not even available to people outside Japan, unless you're willing to spend $500+USD to import one

What's next, a PS3 vs Wii U holiday Rumble?

fredolopez2544d ago

all i'm waiting for is a DK game for the 3DS, when that happens i'll get it for sure! not to mention 3DS already has Zelda and Starfox. but Vita has games like FIFA 12 that i'm sure offer a better gaming experience-at least over the 3DS version..

rexbolt2544d ago

soccer really go play the sport for real its useless to play sports games

fredolopez2544d ago

nothing compares to playing on the field. if the person's goal is to get better at the actual sport, then yeah it's useless. but if the person just wants to have fun then i don't see how it's useless.

MizTv2544d ago

i love my 3ds and will get a vita also. nice to have the best of both worlds

MizTv2544d ago

mario3d land, star fox, mario kart,ans ssf43d are all awesome

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