Will Star Wars: The Old Republic “Kill” World of Warcraft?

The “Will this game kill World of Warcraft?” question gets asked by thousands of hungry mouths at every release of a major MMORPG.
Many take it literally, but the answer is more complex than what it seems, and even more complex in the case of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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kytsune2494d ago

It's certainly not likely. Star wars is more like a bunch of movie episodes crammed into an MMO at the moment, and that's amazing, but Warcraft is a juggernaut that still has a great deal of momentum.

Abriael2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I would say that definition is extremely simplistic. The storytelling part of the game is indeed great, but the gameplay in general is extremely solid as well.

This is not to say that it will kill wow, but it's very simplistic (and simply false) to say that SWTOR is just story and no gameplay.

Panthers2494d ago

This has been my most anticipated game since announcement, and I wont lie, I was seriously concerned it would not live up to expectations (at least at launch which I would be OK with) But my god, this game has completely blown me away so far.

pandehz2494d ago

Most accurate and extremely well detailed review of an mmo.

ATi_Elite2494d ago

I've spoken with some WoW gamers that are totally unaware about Star Wars The Old i say NO!!!

thats_just_prime2494d ago

before wow came out the biggest MMORPG was Everquest. When ever a new mmo was about to come out people would talk about it being an EQ killer out of all the MMO's that came and went none of them made a dent in EQ. Till WoW dozen of server were shout down after WoW came out over time. Only a hand full of server are left. While it may seem like WoW killed EQ. Last I know it was still up and running not only that but they still had their monthly fee. Never going to a free to play like so many other failing mmo's.

Point is that I think there is a good chance that Star wars will cause a huge drop in the people playing wow over time. However the game will still have people playing it so it wont ever die

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Prcko2494d ago

yep,wow is dying,gonna loose around 1 million maybe even more players!

Abriael2494d ago

Dying is a big word. Decline is more appropriate IMHO. It'll take WAY more than one million to "kill" wow.

Psychotica2494d ago

Why do people keep spelling "lose" "loose"?? You see this all the time here..

Abriael2494d ago

probably because some people aren't English native speakers. You know, there's a whole world past those borders :D

Spazz2494d ago

Was never a big fan of WoW, I played it for a few months when no other MMO kept my interest but being an MMO and a Star Wars fan will at least me my attention for a little while. Then I'll try out the next best thing. I'm sure many feel this way.

12 million subscribers was amazing but it's just natural for people to lose interest in even a great game. I'm sure SWTOR will also have amazing numbers for a while but people will eventually lose interest and move on.

kevnb2494d ago

why is this something we always talk about? I dont care, I like the old republic alot though.

Tony P2494d ago

Seems people have been watching too much Highlander.

bluegreenman2494d ago

I am REALLY excited for that!

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