Player Manages To Get M.O.A.B With Desert Eagles

In Call Of Duty you can do many amazing things, you can quickscope, you can carry the team and more, however YouTuber ThatNeophyte has managed to achieve a M.O.A.B with akimbo Desert Eagles.

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Nick2120042495d ago

Wow, that's pretty crazy

scrambles2495d ago

Neat, try enough and.... have crosshairs 2 inches by 2 inches.

bwazy2494d ago

If hes NOT using Steady Aim then I'm truly impressed. If he is, then its basically like cheating.

frankiebeans2494d ago

the game is no fun anymore the autoaim is too strong they killed the game making it more accessible to people that suck.

what he does is taps the aim it locks on and all he needs to do is really hit them 2 times and they die its nothing amazing and he sounds like a cocky p*i*k.

BX812494d ago

This just shows a lot thats wrong with this game

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