Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012

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"2011 has been one heck of a year when it comes to quality video games released, head on over to our review silo to see how your favorite titles of the year scored from our crackpot review team. The New Year is almost upon us (just over a week to be exact) and that means one thing, another 365 days of amazing and original gaming goodness to look forward to. There are a lot of promising titles on the horizon and we here at PlanetXbox360 just can't contain our excitement. Next week we will break down our top 10 Xbox 360 only games of 2012 but for now let’s give all companies an equal opportunity. So, without further ado, here are out top 10 most anticipated video games of 2012, featuring titles from both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3."

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MsclMexican2588d ago

Ok... so 5 out of 10 games on this list Im getting plus Starhawk and Twisted Metal... so lets to the math.

In Canada a video game costs around 68 dollars, and I may spring for a couple of collectors editions.

So 68x5= 340
2X100= 200

Plus Im planning to buy a Vita

so add another 300, plus games add another 100.

So next year Im going to spend approx 940 dollars on video games.....


irepbtown2587d ago

I live in UK...

So I plan to buy around 7 out of the 10 and Twisted metal and Starhawk.
Also a brand new xbox 360 (with MW3, Fifa 12, 12 months gold) and Possibly Vita, not sure.

Games are £40 here so, I'll convert into dollars later...

Games: 40x9=£360
Xbox 360: £160+30+30+30=250 (xbox + MW3 and FIFA 12)
And Vita which is 280.

Add them together = £890
Not too bad, and for you Americans...

That is $1,387.33

Oh well. Knew this would happen and have saved up quite a bit already :D

GTRrocker2587d ago

At least you aren't a crackhead. There are far worse things to spend your hard earned money one.

ATi_Elite2588d ago

There is small community of PC Gamers and future PC Gamers that view this site so i always like to provide some info for them as well.

1. Guild Wars 2
2. Diablo III
3. Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm
4. World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria
5. Tera
6. The Secret World
7. Planetside 2
8. Firefall
9. Arma III
10.DotA 2
11. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

NewMonday2588d ago

lots of MMOs, how can you mange them all?

PixL2588d ago

I see PC gaming is still mostly about MMOs.

JsonHenry2587d ago

^^ THIS!

A list of most anticipated games of 2011 WITHOUT mentioning Diablo 3 should be renamed CONSOLE games of 2011 that are most anticipated.

Of course the PC game I want more than anything now is Command and Conquer: Generals 2.

ATi_Elite2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

1. Well i won't be playing WOW Mist of Panderia.....I'm not a wow fan. i put it on the list cause it's really very anticipated but the rest of the list is 99.9% GUARANTEED PURCHASES for me.

2. but yeah your right! 5 of those games are Heavy Duty MMO's but the good thing about them is that they are Next Gen MMO's and don't require a lot of grinding. You can jump in and out of intense action no matter your level and switching from MP to SP action will be seamless but they still will take months away from my life.

These are AAA+ titles that will provide 100's of hours of gameplay.

3. I forgot to put STALKER 2 on the list (i know WTF was i Not thinking) and that's gonna take up many many hours of me wondering through The Zone dodging anomalies for that perfect artifact.

4. 2012 is gonna be one hell of a year for PC Games and i'm gonna have to quit my job, disown my family, and renounce my social life to have time for the great games coming out.

5. I have no clue how i'm gonna manage it and this list could of easily been 10 more games longer and then toss a few top notch multi-plats on top of those like Kingdoms of Amular, GTAV, ME3, Bioshock Infinite!

2012 is just gonna be friggin huge for Gaming!

otherZinc2587d ago

Planet XBOX is attempting to gain clicks by nominating Last Of Us as #1 most anticipated 2012.

Amazing how a developer never sold 1million units in initial month (NPD), is the most anticipated game?

Wouldn't Halo 4, GTA5, Mass Effect 3, be 1, 2, 3, as they will sell this many day 1?

If writers will tell the truth, those would be your top 3. Bioshock is going to outsell Last Of Us as well.

Tarantino_Life2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

What a jackass! Who gives a fkk abour NPD.. Uncharted 3 has already sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide.. For your information Mass Effect 1,2 is not as big as Uncharted.. It sold lesser then UC1 and 2. What a dunce..Now lets see which game receives more critical acclaim.. Halo 4 or Last of Us.. Lol.. Oh and Bioshock also sold less then UC1/UC2..

Hanif-8762587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

1. Grand Theft Auto V
2. Max Payne 3
3. The Last Of Us
4. Halo 4
5. Mass Effect 3
6. Bioshock Infinite
7. The Last Guardian
8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
9. Hitman Absolution
10. Tomb Raider

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UltimaEnder2588d ago

Bummer about the PS3 exclusive from TeamICO... Was really looking forward to that one.

NovusTerminus2588d ago

It's still coming.

Sony said it is, and Gamestop admitted that was a mistake on their part.

SilentNegotiator2588d ago

The producer left and Gamespot made a mistake. It's fine.

The only ps3 titles they chose were to spread outdated FUD about Last Guardian and to take a shot at Uncharted as a knockoff of Indiana Jones. Typical PlanetXbox360.....they always pretend to be praising a ps3 title but make sure it's filled with FUD or downplay.

Like their loaded articles of "Is [Ps3 exclusive] worth trading in Microsoft for Sony?" that ends with 'But it's not trading in for a ps3! Trust us! Please don't bother with the ps3! PLEASE!'

Benjamski2587d ago

I honestly couldn't care less--but if it does come out, I do want to try it. That said, I'd be shocked if it actually releases 2012. Too bad, but with Absolution, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3 and GTAV on the way, I really don't care.

UncannyValley2588d ago

BioShock: Infinite. I have nothing but trust for Levine after the original.

TheOtherTheoG2588d ago

Levine and Irrational didn't make 2.

NukaCola2588d ago

Bioshock 2 was a good game...

..but yeas Levine and Irrational didn't make the sequel.

His intent is that every Bioshock takes place in a new time with a new steampunked themes, new types of powers, new enemies with similiar traits, and a new political theme. Bioshock is a name, the subtitle represents the theme. Each one is different like Final Fantasy.

Benjamski2587d ago

Does anyone else feel like the environments shown for Infinite so far all look THE SAME? I'm expecting to see more interior environments with some diversity for sure, but all the outside environments shown so far all look kind of the same. Hopefully those time-bending mechanics will mix up the environment a bit too.

GraveLord2588d ago

PlanetXbox360 Y U SO OBSESSED WITH PS3!?

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scrambles2588d ago

Ah sweet! i have no fears for it now thank you sir. take this as a reward.