Battlefield 3 Back To Karkand Destruction Compared To Vanilla Destruction

YouTuber HinesGaming has taken it as his duty to compare the destruction in Battlefield 3, in the video he compares the vanilla maps to the new maps that came in the Back To Karkand Expansion.

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christheredhead2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

The difference is pretty immense. I was a actually pretty surprised to see that battlefield 3 had literally no destruction. I expected them to go all out with frostbite 2 and have a crazy amount of destruction, but it didn't.

Still feels weird that I can't blow up basic walls and structures in most areas of the maps. Fun game, just a little scaled back. New maps are great though. Feels more like battlefield on back to karkand than it does the original maps.

ShoryukenII2588d ago

I hope they don't make a 2143 expansion until they master the destruction like they did in BC2. I want that expansion to be perfect. :)

scrambles2588d ago

Sometimes i have a problem with the destruction in this game. BC2 ud blow a hole in the wall to get into the building to flank or get to someone. BF3 you blow an entire face of the side of the building then everyone within 50 feet of you knows what just happens as the rubble and smoke go everywhere. I guess its cool for BF3 but i'd rather not see it come to BC3 or atleast we need entire cities made for this kind of destruction rather than small villages BC2 had. Also audiospotting ruined a lot of flanking cuz suppressors are needed 24/7 and my rpg/grenade launcher doesnt come with that. Hopefully in BC3 theyll learn how to put foot steps in and remove audio spotting again.

wAnxTa2588d ago

I was waiting for such comparison.