Did Team Meat Learn A Hard Lesson by Anonymous?

Super Meat Boy was hacked and it all happened right out in the open.

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-Mika-2495d ago

Those guys need to get a life.

agentxk2495d ago

I'd usually be the first to agree but the devs kinnda allowed this one to happen

Hufandpuf2495d ago

They were just trying to help. Team Meat had to learn the hard way.

Buzz7S2495d ago

The ones who need to get a life, are those like yourself. You complain about Anon and all other hackers about the things they do and how they ruin things and such, yet it's the same people who post these on N4G and want others to know.

How can you hate something, when you sit there and support it?

And let me guess, those who showed Sony's security flaws also need to get a life? Even though Sony were warned about it? Yeah, right!

D3mons0ul2495d ago

The ones who actually hacked Sony weren't the same people who warned them over the Geohot bullshit. They had nothing to gain, they did it for fun. They fucking admitted to it.

jp02491072495d ago

that makes so little sense there is only one proper response: No

Kran2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Just because Sony were warned, that doesn't give Anon the right to do it. It's like somebody telling you how to run your life when it might be great as is it.

Buzz7S2494d ago


When you have over 70 million subscribers to your service, even a "joke of a threat" should be taken serious.

Kran2494d ago

And Sony took it seriously. Obviously Anon took it way too far and pretty much ruined gaming.

Buzz7S2494d ago


They took it seriously? Yeah, when it was too late. Quit trying to defend their ignorance, because nothing can excuse it.

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