Sega, CONGRATURATIONS on your Vita game typo

Destructoid - This comes from Virtua Tennis 4 on PlayStation Vita. It's like "congrats" and "rations" put together.

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LeBronista2492d ago

lol.. that's how the Japanese say/pronounce it actually.. :D

sinncross2492d ago

Yeah pretty much this. This is how most of them would say it so its just a slight error on the typists part.

Bull5hifT2492d ago

Racism, i keep seeing the crosseyed bucktooth Glasses wearing mushroom Haircut heavy accent things... I clicked this movie called breakfast at tiffany's on netflix, that was Heavy Racism' hate Blackface too

ambientFLIER2492d ago

What?? What about racism?

Tuxedo_Mask2492d ago

At least it doesn't say "You're Winner !"

Hicken2492d ago

Not a big deal. You expect these kinds of mistakes to happen, given the differences in the languages.

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