PlayStation Vita AR Cards Bundled Free At Launch

Playstation Blog - With the PlayStation Vita launch in Japan last weekend and the PAL launch in February next year we hope your anticipation levels are building nicely.

Today we’re happy to bring you a couple of pieces of PS Vita news, starting with confirmation that your PlayStation Vita will come bundled with six AR Play Cards and a voucher code to download three AR games, all for free. Those games are called Table Football Cliff Diving and Fireworks. Augmented Reality is going to be a big part of the new gaming experiences PS Vita has to offer and you can get an idea of how in this video we shot for Inside Vita.

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Squatch832543d ago

Wasnt Vita supposed to do its AR without cards?

Dante1122543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Yeah, I think so. The streams and youtube videos I watched had AR available but I don't know if they downloaded it from the PS store as a demo or from a voucher. I'll ask on neogaf. But yeah, it's pretty cool that the cards are bundled free when the Vita launches in the EU and hopefully US.

fear882543d ago

INB4 the comment "they stole Nintendo's idea!!!"

NukaCola2542d ago

I am waiting for the AR Fatal Frame game where you go around using the Vita as a camera fighting the ghosts. It could be a scary game if it's done right.

Ddouble2543d ago

It can, check out reality fighters. The AR cards can enhance it further though or just add more capabilities.

smashcrashbash2543d ago

It does that too if i remember right. Not all the games use cards. There is a tank game that doesn't use them I think.

@fear88. Only psycho fanboys would say that. Every sensible gamer knows it's Sony that pioneered AR.

dark-hollow2543d ago

augmented reality was neither nintendo creation or sonys.

jdfoster2543d ago

Some can do it without AR cards (Little dvients for example) And that fighter game... But some games do need AR cards and that Fighter game uses them to some to degree but from my knowledge you can play without the AR cards

GraveLord2543d ago

That tech is expensive and reserved for stand-alone games. AR Cards are cheap and can easily be bundled in.

So Vita will come with free games after all. This is great news.

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jujubee882543d ago

This is freaking awesome!

Bach2543d ago

AR seems like a cool gimmick that i'll probably only use to show off to non-gamers.

yna2543d ago

that's awesome I thought we had to buy them separately

MasterCornholio2543d ago

Even if you did. Couldn't you just print them out with pictures on the internet?


specialguest2543d ago

Remember the PSeye and the demos showing what could be done? Yeah, I'm not excited until developers make actual games using this tech.

On a side note, AR would be great for a game involving ghost and ghost hunting.

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