You Can Now Sign Up For Dust 514’s Beta… If You’re An EVE Online Player

Kotaku - We've shown you armor, weapons and vehicles from Dust 514, the persistent online shooter from the makers of EVE Online. Now, a select few will finally be able to get their hands on the game and how all those elements feel.

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ShabbaRanks2492d ago

Thats a good thing imo... People who actually have some knowledge about the franchise should be the ones who try it out first. Have fun EvE players !

ATi_Elite2492d ago

well that Closed Beta will be small cause not too many Eve Online players play PS3 games.

Plus many Eve players are still mad about no Dust 514 PC.

Raoh2492d ago

Sounds good to me.

1. EVE players deserve that reward and right to be first. Other devs/publishers should take notice.

2. It will gauge how many eve players with ps3's there are.

3. The first discussions after the beta will be from people that know the universe, helping to give it authenticity and not just "oh no's its not like COD" console gamers that never played eve.

Godmars2902492d ago

We're talking a PS3 game about mercs in a universe who hire themselves out to starships for ground actions. Yet only those starship captains will be in the beta?

I get where Raoh's coming from but still.

Ravenor2492d ago

I kinda agree with you here, I'm no stranger to EVE and I just know that the crowd in the game doesn't house many people who own multiple platforms. There will be some, but just not enough to get any meaningful data or input. I also don't feel that those who frequent EVE would be the types who thoroughly enjoy FPS and are willing to deal with the issues that come with playing one currently in beta.

Perhaps a better system would have been guaranteeing EVE players access to the beta and doing a sign up lottery for people who may be interested in playing the game. But I dunno, I'm not from Iceland.

coryok2492d ago

i thought they said a long time ago that they were going to put PS+ members into a beta, maybe thats later? maybe they changed their minds?

either way im looking forward to this game

spektical2492d ago

aww :(

i only played eve for a bit.. but its really a hard game to start now, because its a game where the gamers decide the market...

my friend witnessed one of those big spaceships be brought down, and later it was discovered that the person who was supposed to be watching the ship went out for that half hour... and later this friend told me it takes weeks to make these ships.